One Life

I have but one life—

Let me enjoy it to the fullest

Let me live well and not simply exist

Let me be free to make rules for myself

Don’t you interfere and pretend to help


I have but one life—

Let me love the lady of my dreams

Let me love my country and all human beings

Let me love the nature, those stunning scenes

Oh! selfish world—you don’t know what love means


I have but one life—

Let me read all the beautiful writings

Let me relish the magnificent paintings

Let me be a part of all those before I vanish

Don’t deprive me of those moments that I shall cherish


I have but one life—

Let me do all the good that I can do now

Let me bring a smile to faces that were sobbing till now

Let me find time to listen to all their worries

Let me indulge myself in answering to their queries


I have but one life—

Let me attempt at bringing peace among nations

Let me see to it that none in the world suffers

Let me dream and see diverse visions

Don’t prevent me from fulfilling these obsessions


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet