Critical Love

I. The Visionary


Don’t you force me to fall in love with you

I tell you, I have more cardinal works to do

I am no Quixotic, nor am I other-worldly

Can’t sing serenade, to your billet-doux, I can’t reply


Several problems are there, and they are yet to be solved

Many a scabrous decisions are to be resolved

Any scruple over falling in love is no Guardian Knot

I’m at no dilemma as to fall in love or not


Let me make it trenchant to you

That love’s not for me

The cloud-cuckoo-land is not my home

I am no day-dreamer you see


Here I witness million souls

Pinched, homeless and starving

How can I be an imposter to

Act as if not listening?


I bear no grudge that you feel complacent

But its heinous to say that the world is content

I’m pragmatic, can’t run away from the world

For the sake of your love, for, I am no coward


I can leave you for the sake of the world

I shall live for the society, mark my word

They are self-centred, who do otherwise

Die for the world alone, that’s no vice


II. The Dreamer


Love is only giving away, sans expecting

Love is doubling the joys; about caring and sharing

Knowing each other completely, and still liking-

Through the thick and thin; its about forgiving


Your love has taught me, has inspired me

Now that I am in love with you, it has shown me

The ways to convert these dreams into realities

To attempt at making people reside in peace


III. The Lover


In this world, there cannot be another

Who can beat me in loving you better

Than the way can I shower love upon you,

For none can love you, the way, I love you!


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet