Love Unconditional

Your love is not for me to ask

It is for you to give

In return

My body is not for you to ask

It is for me to give


I have given away my heart

My feelings they called love

And all I could ever muster

Was courage to fall

Centred round my self

As its wont, I could never rise in love


All I remember is the passion

The commitments our bodies made

The moments of undeniable truths


And now it’s all so eerie

Does love have a logical ending?


The heart withers away, the mind is out of sight

What of my body?

The scars and the bites and the touches

Whose prerogative to forget?


I once made a compromise with my heart

Now the body refuses to withstand

The onslaughts and the insults

The amnesiac touches

The lips that are lying


If you must, acknowledge not the love

If you have to, stay away

But answer one last time

Why did you have to fiddle my body?

If you had to ignore it next


Pain slighted, dreams aroused, passion lighted

Honest gazes, trenchant brushes and strumming fingers

Now when you are gone; turned tables

Your denials of moments, your murder of trust

Just confess, you were with my body

My mind shall bother you no more


Because bodies do not lie

It’s like the last time our bodies met

Because touches do not lie


In the darkness when I shut myself to your world

All I have is my own body

Writhing in pain

Of twisted truths

Tender touches which it craved and requited

And now you are so far away


Mind, heart and soul and all irrational objects

May forgive you

My body




My body is my own

I shall give, I will rent, I got to own


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet