What Have We Planned For 2009?

Have we planned enough for the year ahead?
The terrorizing wars, conflicts, military bloodshed
Zionist lobbies, hawkish Hindus, Islamic fanatics
Have we planned enough to defeat Christian clerics?

Have we planned at all for the impending poverty?
Or a few billionaires controlling all earthly property
Forty million refugees, can’t call a region their own
Have we planned at all for the homeless population?

Have we planned well to tackle global illiteracy?
For more than a billion, education still a fantasy
Eighty percent of world survives for ten dollars a day
Have we planned well to end the class society next May?

Have we planned any to read beyond headlines?
Of Obama’s hopes as wars on Afghans, Pakistanis
Saving global capitalism as the onslaughts on poorest
Have we planned any to abuse our illusions at best?

Have we planned somehow to stop funding hate?
To end Israreli occupations before its way too late
American troops, Blackwater mercenaries, Halliburton Oils
Have we planned somehow to block capitalistic turmoils?

Have we planned steps to care for the unattended sick?
Four billion sans drinking water, yet more uninsured weak
Private healthcare preferring profit over public concerns
Have we planned steps to replace the pharma corporations?

Have we planned yet to support unions and labor forces?
The peaceniks, communists, lovers and freedom sources
In solidarity with Zapatistas, the Naxalites, and our landless
Have we planned yet to ally with these progressive classes?

Have we planned ever in view of our future generations?
How to organize and educate the current media consumers
Before the majority among us is deceived again this new year
Have we planned ever to herald a new world, freed from fear?

Have we planned ways to restore lasting peace on Mother Earth?
Not to imagine battles, occupations, business interests’ wrath
Uniting indigenous, workers, spreading words against wars
Have we planned ways to consolidate workers, not corporate class?

– Saswat Pattanayak
Peoples’ Poet, 2008


Prelude to Mumbai Blasts: Hindu Terrorism

By Saswat Pattanayak

Like Mumbai, also in Maharashtra, Malegaon was the site to bomb blasts on September 5, 2008 – less than three months prior to Mumbai blasts. Three bomb attacks killed more than 31 people – mostly Muslims – while they were returning from offering Friday prayers at a mosque.

Immediately thereafter, the “India” woke up to terror alerts. Politicians and administration were quick to point out the role of Muslim terrorists. The usual hounding of suspects continued, and all the “illegal” Muslim student outfits were harassed. Police arrested Muslim youths under suspicion. Until, one after the other evidences led to a radically different conclusion: That, it is not the Muslim people of India, but Hindu terrorists who were behind the Malegaon blasts.

Malegaon blasts have opened up a whole Pandora’s Box. Not so much of a shock considering that the Hindu fundamentalists who are still holding seats in Indian Parliament today were the despicable figures behind the biggest communal clash and tragedy to hit India when they demolished Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992. That was the darkest day in India’s contemporary history. Those that led the procession of mayhem and sinister murder trails went on to get elected to the highest offices of Indian democracy soon thereafter. Such coveted politicians included chargesheeted riot leader like LK Advani – that shameful face of Hindu fanaticism masquerading as a meticulously passionate orator of Hindi-Hindu aspirations.

Hindu terrorism is also not a shock for millions of Indians who did witness the biggest tragedy to reshape Bombay due to the reactionary terror attacks orchestrated by a Hindu Chauvinist Bal Thackeray and his gang of Hindu fundamentalists calling themselves Shiv Sena. Following Ayodhya terrorism against Muslims’s sacred place, instead of bringing calm and publicly apologizing on behalf of the Hindu civilization, misguided Hindu supremacists like Advani and Thackeray conducted nationwide victory marches to incite hatred against the minorities in India. As a result, Mumbai, the commercial capital under the mercy of Thackeray, was converted overnight into a terrorized center of Hindu-Muslim riots. While in power, all that Thackeray did was continue his mode of operation- hate-speech against the Muslim minority. Currently his political cronies have taken up staunch regionalism in Maharashtra to threaten the lives of “outsiders”, whereas the terrorist outfit representing the Hindu interests have been bombing all over Maharashtra, recruiting a few Muslim youths for training, and then shifting blames of terror attacks either on Pakistan or on Indian Muslims.

Hindu terrorism is also not a shock for millions of Indians who have been silent sufferers to a merciless manner in which Gujarat – the birthplace of the Mahatma – had been converted into the rowdiest of states in India under the disgusting leadership of a racist politician Narendra Modi – also part and parcel of the revived Hindu fanaticism. Gujarat’s famous Godhra incident, which was used as a tool to ravage the Islamic business sector in the state ended up taking lives of more than 2000 people, more than 80% of which were Muslims. Under the rule of the Hindu right wing political party, the infamous, yet legal, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), unprecedented violence was let loose on the streets to pointedly murder innocent Muslim citizens. Not surprisingly by the culturally same Hindu fanatics who pride themselves for having assassinated Mahatma Gandhi sixty years ago. Unheard of atrocities against Muslim women were committed by the Hindu “Sainiks” and “Saints” and terrorists that have no parallel in world history.

Thus, Hindu terrorism is not a matter of shock to the huge majority of Indians- majority of whom are deeply innocent Hindus themselves.

Dark Ages of Hindu Revivalism: Secular India to Communal India

Indian history has never been devoid of Muslim roots. Predominantly, Indian land was ruled by Moghuls. Most of the glorified historical personalities of India- from secular emperors to magical musicians, from wise philosophers to lyrical poets have been Muslims. Muslims also have been a successful business class, self-sustained and despite prejudices, well organized. Whenever foreign colonial powers assaulted Indian nationalism, Muslims joined the struggles for freedom alongside the Hindus. They were so united in spirit with Hindus that it took the meanest and most corrupt methods of the British colonialists to separate the two religions from living in harmony.

As a result of British interventions and formation of pseudo-Hindu outfits such as Hindu Mahasabha (which opposed Gandhi’s call for unity), and submission to ruling class blackmails by Muslim League, Pakistan was created upon the blood of millions.

Pakistan’s life was made even more difficult to manage thanks to the illogical and criminal manner in which the British divided the map geographically. East Pakistan (on the east of India) naturally enough remained the point of contention since Pakistan (on the West of India) could neither rule over it to its abilities nor could remain a distinctive nation in the subcontinent without it. Added to the miseries were the decisions of a Hindu supremacist Sardar Ballavbhai Patel to blackmail all Princely States of India to join the British-freed India. This was a cause of misery because in the predominantly Hindu North-Indian democratic setup in Delhi, the representation of predominantly Muslim princely state rulers was almost impossible. Therefore, India, after her independence from British rule, emerged a fractured country of inconsistent neighborhood (which finally got “resolved” with the creation of Bangladesh) and internal religious divides (now officially revived through impositions on Hyderabad and Kashmir – one Hindu state with a Muslim King, and the other a Muslim state with a Hindu King. )

Taking advantage of the problems Nehru faced in his initial years as the first Prime Minister, the ugly head of Hindu fanaticism started to show up. Not only were they banned from participation in mainstream politics by a secular Constitution of the land, they were forbidden from expressing themselves. Despite the fact that Nehru himself was a Kashimiri Brahmin, he was unwilling to cooperate in escalating the communal tensions in India, following Gandhian footsteps. This period of Golden Age of Independent India came to an abrupt end when the country started noticing that many of the Hindu fanatics had hidden their identities and joined the mainstream Congress with an aim to take over the power later. Vajpayee who became the right-wing leader of Indian democracy later on, used to claim himself as a Nehruvian socialist to climb the ladder of power, only to later condemn Nehru after his death. George Fernandes who later became the most tainted Defense Minister of India for his deals with Western militarists used to deceive people in his early years as projecting himself to be a socialist. Indeed, many congress leaders of Nehru’s period claimed Socialism as their paths only to gain entry into mainstream politics of India – and to later disband every principle of socialism in favor of domestic capitalism.

Nehru’s Congress as the dominant political party cannot be absolved of the crime of overlooking the nature of its disciples in favor of their sycophancy. As a result of its professed but unintelligent silence over growth of communal politics in India – where its official policy was to advance the cause of Muslims and minorities even as several of disguised communal politicians were busy thwarting possibilities of harmonious living- India evolved into a vulnerable land soon to be ruled over by the very same Hindu fundamentalists that Gandhi and Nehru, Subhas Bose and Bhagat Singh, together opposed tooth and nail throughout their illustrious lives.

Hindi-Hindu India overshadowed and almost choked to death all the rich historical heritage brought to Indian culture through Islamic traditions. Urdu was relegated to nowhere, Hindustani was not recognized as a language, affirmative actions for Muslims continued to perish under caste politics within Hindu religious majority. Casteism and untouchability continued to exist despite constitutional dictums. Both Dalits and Muslims emerged as outcasts and myth of Hindu cultural purity continued to prosper.

Nehru’s Congress which prided itself for receiving aid from Soviet Union, while at the same time forming Non-Aligned Movement and taking respectable roles in the United Nations to promote peace was gradually reduced to a capitalistic economy headed by a finance minister called Manmohan Singh, who today has become the Prime Minister for his able diplomacy at praising the British Raj (his enslaved speech at Oxford University heralded Queen’s English as the biggest development for India), and unconditional surrender to NATO interests on every conceivable grounds – military to economic.

In such overtly distressing times, it is only natural that the likes of Hindu supremacists who were vehemently opposed by the founding leaders of India’s freedom movement, are back to power. They rule the roads of Maharashtra and Gujarat – two most economically successful states in India. The Hindu supremacists are funded by their bosses – the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) – an outright communal racist organization based in the United States. Indeed, most universities in the US allow VHP-funded student outfits to recruit local students for to promote anti-Islam causes in the name of cultural diversity. And back home, the same organizations routinely attack any Islamic institutions or student unions. As long as it is Banares Hindu University – a completely unnecessary university to be founded on religious grounds considering that Hindus anyway comprise the majority and community-based institutes are required to be formed to protect minority cultures – there is never a talk on terrorism emanating from them. Even as it has been proved countless times that Hindu student organizations such as Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) are violent in nature, and misconstrue history to depict Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh and Subhas Bose radically differently in the minds of the impressionable youths, they go scot free and celebrate their existence and growth. At the same time, Muslim Madrassas are constantly under police investigations. Faculty members of Aligarh Muslim Universities are routinely harassed. Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) has been legally banned by the Indian government.

Usual Suspects: Muslim Youths

Indian official authorities continuously arrest numerous Muslim people, doctors, professors and students on alleged grounds of terrorism, whereas the proven terrorists of Hindu based organizations continue to contest elections, win seats and influence courts. In the most recent Malegaon serial bomb blasts, the first arrests were that of SIMI activists. Noor-ul-Hooda was arrested by the police along with two other “suspects”: Shabbir Batterywala and Raees Ahmed.

Such arrests based solely on suspicion are no exceptions. Even without undertaking any investigations of merit, such Muslim youths are subjected to arrests on a routine basis. In Malegaon, this was massive, because the suspicion was on accusation of murder of 31 people and injury of over 300.

Times of India in their initial report reported: “The involvement of both Shabbir and Hooda in the Malegaon blasts came to light during their interrogations after their arrest in a bomb hoax case. The intention of conspirators of Malegaon blasts was to create communal tensions in the textile town which has a history of riots and the bomb hoax exercise undertaken by Shabbir and Hooda as the blasts failed to disturb the peace in the town, the DGP said.”

So Who Were Behind Malegaon?

After the initial arrests of Shabbir and Hooda, public demand increased to arrest everyone concerned. The investigation was thus under public demand, transferred to the most efficient branch to deal with issues of terrorism: the Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) and its superhero cop Hemant Karkare.

Karkare and his team thoroughly investigated the Malegaon blasts and reached entirely different conclusions. For the firs time, the official agencies had to admit their errors in arresting Muslim youths whereas the real culprits were the Hindu terrorists.

Among the eight arrested following due investigations the Hindu terrorists had high profile candidates: Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur of the right wing political coalition, Indian army official Ramesh Upadhyay, Hindu fundamentalist youth organization Abhinav Bharat’s leader Sameer Kulkarni, and Army official Lt Col Prasad S Purohit.

Hell broke loose. Just when the western world was eyeing Pakistan, including America’s President-Elect Obama who was at his rhetoric worst in calling for war on Pakistan and it was the long cherished time for the Hindu fanatics to rejoice, the real truths were slowly uncovering to indicate otherwise. Immediately reacting to ATS, Delhi’s right-wing leader VK Malhotra attacked the officials and asked its officers to undergo narco-tests! Malhotra of course resorted to his proverbial American master’s tongue: “Whereas the world is seeing Pakistan and Bangladesh as hub of terrorism, ATS is accusing the “saints”!”.

No amount of rhetoric could save the right wing political party this time, because not only it was found upon investigation that the Hindu terrorist leaders representing the BJP’s interests were involved in masterminding the blasts, but even the Indian defense forces officials were. The Hindu “Holy Cow” and the India’s “Holy Cow” were both the actual culprits.

In the past, when Shabbir and Hooda were arrested on suspicion, media reports were agog with conclusions that the previous bomb blasts in India had a very similar strategy. Hence, the conclusions of the media were that, all those blasts perhaps were also caused by Muslim outfits. Hence investigations were on into all the previous blasts. And soon, one after another, the truths started emerging when the cases were “reopened”.

Also came under investigations of ATS were the closed cases of yesteryears: Parbhani blasts of November 21, 2003, Jalna blasts of August 27, 2004, Jama Masjid blast in Delhi on April 14, 2006, Mecca Masjid blast, May 18, 2007, Ajmer blasts, October 11, 2007, Modasa blast, September 29, 2008.

In all of the above terror attacks, the Muslim youths were held under suspicion without investigations. But when the cases were reopened, ATS unearthed evidences which startled the very foundation of Hindu supremacism in India.

Upon due investigations, it was indeed found out by the Indian authorities that the series of blasts have been planned since 2001 by the same group of people- Hindu terrorists. A Hindu supremacist Rakesh Dhawade had transported 54 people, trained them in a camp in Sinhagad in Pune for three years, starting 2001. Using his access to power structure in India, Dhawade continued to remain free despite all evidences against him. Finally, after more than four years of Jalna blast, and after seven years of his discovered training camps, he was chargesheeted in early November 2008. On Novemeber 11, 2008, as a bigger blow on Hindu terrorism, another accused Maruti Wagh was arrested by Jalna police. In the entire Marathwada region, terrorists involved in the several bomb attacks in Parbhani, Purna, Jalna, Nanded and Malegaon were found to be the same –the highly protected Hindu terrorists.

Likwise, in Nanded blasts, new truths had emerged. On April 6, 2006 when a terror attack woke India up in Nanded, it was not as much highlighted in the local media, and received zero coverage on international media. It was so because the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) in its investigation found that behind the bomb blast, there was no role of any Muslim agency. Indeed, it was a hardcore Hindu fundamentalist group that carried out the terror attack. During investigation it was also found out that the Hindu terrorist group was planning to orchestrate such terror attacks in Aurangabad. One Hindu terrorist Rahul Pande was arrested in regards to Nanded bomb blast. Two of his accomplices Naresh Rajkondwar and Himanshu Panse who prepared the bomb died on the spot. Three more Hindu terrorists Yogesh Deshpande, Maruti Wagh and Gururaj Tupttewar were seriously injured.

In related investigations, Hindu supremacist Manoharrao Pande, one of the accused, said that they were trained in handling explosive devices and one trainer Himanshu Pande, died while assembling the explosives. Pande had also implemented the terror attacks in the Marathwada region, including in Jalna, Purnea and Parbhani.

Rationale Behind Mumbai Blasts: Who Benefits?

November 11, 2008 – the day of victory of Anti-Terrorism Squad against Hindu Terrorism- happened two weeks before the latest Mumbai Bomb Blasts.

Just when the world opinion was about to be reshaped following the ugly face of Hindu terrorism being officially exposed, the foreign nationals – the supposedly Muslim-fearing American and British citizens – were attacked in Mumbai. Just when the Hindu “Saints” were going to be declared terrorists, some Muslim youths were once again arrested in the center of commercial capital as accused of the blasts. Just when proper and due investigations were about to begin, lawyers were threatened by right wing political parties from representing the accused. Just when the Anti-Terrorism Squad captured the accused for investigations to find out the masterminds (going by the past blasts, who were going to be the Hindu supremacists), ATS chief and nation’s most beloved police officer Karkare was mysteriously killed.

The fact that Karkare had received death threats from BJP activists, the Hindu terrorist groups and his wife could be interrogated for further information about the letters, Karkare was converted into a national hero and declared to be dead while fighting Islamic terrorism!

India, a country of independent spirited people who took on the mightiest of empires through actions and thoughts of the wise and the nonviolent, has been forced to be converted into a country of hero-worshipping uncritical enslaved people that refuse to believe that the problems are indeed from within.

Karkare has been converted into a national hero and is being heralded as the bravest police officer. Yet ironically, his principles of life that defied conventional thinking while he unearthed the most shameful chapter of Hindu nationalism, have been already forgotten. Domestic media – both vernacular and English language have adopted a tone that’s most submissive, prejudiced and rhetorical. Indian parliament has always been the mainstay of chosen criminals from across the country since last few decades. Now it has evolved as the chamber of discussion among most of them demanding across parties, to control the country through new draconic laws.

Indian Hindu terrorism has once again been shoved into obscurity by once again successfully shifting blame on Pakistan. Instead of working closely together with Pakistani officials to eradicate roots of terrors – which are implanted by the politicians in both countries than invented by the misguided people – India has chosen to allow Israeli and American interests to prevail upon the land in a quest to convert Gandhi’s Free India into a Militarist Enslaved Agent of Global Imperialism.

Fellow Decent Human Beings… (Translated)

Following is my translation of a poem by Sahir Ludhianvi: “Ae Sharif Insaanoen”

I find the poem to be deeply relevant to our times. Just when the majority of us are blaming the minority among us for criminal acts of terror caused by the militarists and suddenly believing in the words of “our” national politicians to caste doubts upon innocent people of another country, at a time when we Indians have become mute witnesses to cultural bans on Pakistan and artists from Pakistan even as racist communal elements in Bollywood such as Aadesh Srivastava or Abhijeet are gaining grounds, at a time when artists such as respected Ghulam Ali are being banned from entering the land of a country – India- whose people love him immensely, simply because suddenly some communal Hindu supremacist leaders are opposing any possible cultural exchanges with our neighboring nation, at a time when we are allowing a bunch of proven thugs – the politicians who we all know to be corrupt to the core every passing day, the politicians who have legitimized criminalization of politics in the land of the Buddha – are demanding across party lines to come up with draconic laws to silence resenting voices in India, at a time when ATS officer Karkare who was instrumental in uncovering the ugly masks of the terror from Hindu fundamentalists has been killed and has been converted into a hero by the very people he despised, such is a time to question our conventional wisdom.

Shed our blood, or theirs

Lives lost are of human race 

War on the East or against the West

Casualty is troubled peace


Bomb our land, or across the borders

Afflicted are souls under construction

Homeless our people, or theirs

Suppressed is oppressed expression 


Tanks march across or in our lands

Leave Mother Earth barren stretch

Victory cry or vanquished sighs

Countless lives mourn the death


War itself the biggest crisis

What problem can it ever solve?

Seeds of hatred it perpetuates

What necessities will it absolve?


Hence, fellow decent humans,

Better if we avert these wars 

Ours and theirs – in all the lands

Better if candle of peace sparks


To prove our point of advancements

Do we need to flow their bloods?

To rid our houses of darkness

Do we need to set theirs on flames?


Wars we must differently showcase

Battlefield’s not the sole option

Humans also exhibit intelligence

Fanaticism not the only emotion 


Come, in this age of bitter darkness

Let us spark some lights of care

Those steps that foster peace and progress 

Let us consider some new thoughts to share


War, results of heartless barbarism

Peace, results of civilized progress

War, proud catch of power structure

Peace, humble heritage of humaneness


War, in the name of enslaved people

Peace, to promote socially just system

War, voiced by misguided zealots

Peace, for hapless masses supreme


War, a shameful occupation of few

Peace, for equity, prosperity for all

Fight the war, and the war-mongers

For peace, progressives everywhere


(Translated by Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet)



Original poem by Sahir Ludhianvi – 

Ae Sharif Insaanoen

Khoon apna ho ya paraaya ho

Nasl-e-adam ka khoon hai aakhir

Jung mashriq mein ho ki magrib mein

Amn-e-alam ka khoon hai aakhir

Bomb gharoen par giren ya sarhad par

Rooh-e-ta’amir jakhm khaati hai

Khet apne jalein ki auroen ke

Jis’t faakoen se tilmilaati hai

Tank aage badhe ki peeche hatein

Kokh dharti ki baanjh hoti hai

Fatah ka jash’n ho ki haar ka sog

Jindegi mayatoen pe roti hai

Jung to khud hi ek mash’ala hai

Jung kya mash’aloen ka ha’l degi

Aag aur khoon aaj bakhshegi

Bhookh aur eh’tiyaj kal degi

Is liye ae sharif insaanoen

Jung talti rahe to behtar hai

Aap aur hum sabhi ke aangan mein

Shamaa jalti rahe to behtar hai

Bartari ke suboot ki khaatir

Khoon bahaana hi kya jaroori hai

Ghar ki taarikiyan mitaane ko

Ghar jalaana hi kya jaroori hai

Jung ke aur bhi toh maidan hai

Sirf maidaane kushtoen-khoon hi nahni

Haasil-e-jindagi khi’rad bhi hai

Haasil jindagi joonon hi nahni

Aao is tirabakht duniya mein

Fiqr ki roshni ko aam karein

Aman ko jinse taqbiyat pahunche

Aisi jung-oen ka ehtimam karen

Jung, baha’sat se barbiriyat se

Aman, tahaziboen irtika ke liye

Jung, magr-afreen shiyasat se

Aman, insaan ki baka ke liye

Jung aflaas aur gulaami se

Aman behtar nizm ke khaatir

Jung, bhatki huyi qiyaadat se

Aman, bewas aawam ke khaatir

Jung sharmaaye ke tas’loot se

Aman, jumhoor ki khooshi ke liye

Jung, jungoen ke falsafe ke khilaaf

Aman, pur’an jindagi ke liye


Beijing Olympics: A Humanist Success despite Tibetan Terrorism and Western Imperialism

By Saswat Pattanayak

The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics can easily be counted among the greatest of collective acts in human history.

Despite years of reactionary movements led by religious and sectarian groups to sabotage the Games, the Chinese peoples stood firmly with each other in solidarity and thwarted every such attempt.

For every step of success that the nation exhibited in celebrating togetherness of the representatives from all countries congregated with sporty spirits at one place, one time, and to quote the official slogan as ‘One World, One Dream’, there were scores of impediments along the way. Let’s visit some of the most dastardly instances that were aimed at undermining the great Chinese peoples, some of which are still underway:

Free Tibet Movement:

For a starter, Olympic Games are not a Chinese handiwork. Olympics are global celebration of sports. Logically, there should have been no connection of Free Tibet movement with Beijing Olympics. However, even after giving allowance for the necessity to politicize every event, the Free Tibet movement lacks credibility, honesty and necessary progressive principles.

The so-called Tibetan faction (so called, because not everyone from Tibet, or those who support Tibet’s stand on need of autonomy, support the reactionary agendas in place to prevent Olympics from happening in China) comprises in part, a group of miscreants indulging in violent interference in preventing the peaceful march of Olympic torchbearers. They exhibited violence in several parts that were entirely uncalled for. The infamous Lhasa riots this year on March 14 was not the only one which brought international condemnation of Tibetan movement led by Dalai Lama. But let’s first turn to Lhasa to understand the currents of violence that the Tibetan groups trumpeting credos of non-violence potentially possess.

Lhasa Terrorism:
Tibetan rioters in their zeal to demoralize a nation’s prospects of hosting the Olympics for the first time in its glorious history claimed that they were observing the 49th year of organized protest against the so-called Chinese occupation.

How did the self-proclaimed Buddhists conduct themselves instead? The answer was best offered by the only living female Buddha herself. The twelfth Samding Dorje Phagmo told Reuters that “The sins of the Dalai Lama and his followers seriously violate the basic teachings and precepts of Buddhism and seriously damage traditional Tibetan Buddhism’s normal order and good reputation.”

The female Buddha even said that prior to being transformed as a well endowed community of educated people under the Communist rule, the Tibetans used to endure living conditions worse than slaves. Before being incorporated into Communist China, Tibetans did not even have slightest of medical care and they were largely considered as illiterate serfs. “Old Tibet was dark and cruel, the serfs lived worse than horses and cattle,” she said.

Instead of exhibiting gratitude to the Communist rule or at least join in the celebrations of an Olympic Games being held for the first time in their land, the Tibetan mobsters conducted themselves dastardly. The rioters attacked the predominant Chinese ethnic group Han Chinese and a Muslim minority group Hui. The Tibetan freedom fighters vandalized the businesses owned by these ethnic groups who had no role in “subjugating” Tibetans in any known manner.

Economist, the most respected of western media whose reporter was an eyewitness to the events reported, “The mobs, ranging from small groups of youths (some armed with traditional Tibetan swords) to crowds of many dozens, including women and children, rampaged through the narrow alleys of the Tibetan quarter. They battered the shutters of shops, broke in and seized whatever they could, from hunks of meat to gas canisters and clothing. Some goods they carried away—little children could be seen looting a toyshop—but most they heaped in the streets and set alight.

Within a couple of hours, fires were blazing in the streets across much of the city. Some buildings caught fire too. A pall of smoke blanketed Lhasa, obscuring the ancient Potala—the city’s most famous monument, which covers a hillside overlooking the city. It is the traditional winter palace of the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual leader, who fled into exile in India after an abortive uprising in 1959. Some of the demonstrators shouted slogans like “long live Tibet” and “long live the Dalai Lama”.

And how did the Chinese police react to these terrorists? Economist says, “A handful of riot police with shields and helmets (but no guns visible) patrolled in front of the Jokhang as the riots continued around them, while others stood in lines at the perimeter of the riot-torn area.”

The police, the “dreaded” Chinese police did not even carry guns and used tear-gas instead to disperse the Tibetan mobsters. Such is the scale of human rights violations in China that President Bush keeps referring to!

However, it did not end on March 14. The violent riots orchestrated by Tibetan mobs continued in Gansu (well beyond the Tibetan region) where more than 5,000 terrorists damaged governmental offices. The violence persisted in Qinghai and Sichuan and even in Beijing.

Apart from Economist which was the only media actually present on the spot and offered a candid report, the rest of western media offered their usual spin against Chinese authorities. Remember these are the media houses that never went to the areas of riots! However they justified the riots citing that there were rumors of a monk being killed which could have resulted in the violence. Yes, they said, a rumor was good enough a cause for the riots. They came up with another astounding justification: that Tibetan teachers were being spied upon and were subjected to intimidating telephone calls from the Chinese authorities. The third justification was that many immigrants, mostly Chinese, were making Tibet their home and that was clearly unacceptable.

All the three justifications offered are ridiculous. Firstly the rumor of a monk’s death was already considered as a rumor. There was never truth to that news, and moreover there never was a news of involvement of Chinese governmental hands in such a murder that never occurred anyway. The rumor was well known to be a rumor even before the riots started.

Second argument that the teachers were getting intimidating phone calls from the authorities may possibly be true, but it holds no ground as a justification. Every sovereign government has a right to make intimidating phone calls to instigators of violent riots. And if it violates the freedom of the peoples under the scope of the sovereign government’s specific constitution, then there are legal ways to address and redress. Certainly not violent riots to destabilize a land awaiting the world delegates for Olympics.

Thirdly, the accusation, that Chinese immigrants are making Tibet their home is misconstrued too. It is illogical to argue that a people be denied access to a land of their own. Tibet is technically part of China and this is a geographical and political fact which has acceptance worldwide. Even the Dalai Lama who spearheads the Free Tibet campaign does not want Tibet to be freed from Chinese occupation. What he intends for is “autonomy”, not “independence”. In other words, the Tibetan leader does not agree that Tibet is colonized. To call Chinese people “immigrants” in their own land is itself a fallacious sentiment. Therefore, the third premise of justification also runs short.

Buddhism and its Misappropriation:
The most riveting of instances where possibly we miss the whole point about Tibetan independence movement is that, the religious spirit which this community claims to be observing as their own perhaps do not rightly belong there.

Not only Buddhism not teach or preach or practice such forms of violent behavior as appropriate, the Buddha himself never supported the institutionalization of organized religion.

Today, thanks to this bunch of ignorant moralists taking shelter in India and acting as the high commands for the Tibetans in China, most people in the world are of the illusion that a) Buddha possibly hailed from China, b) Dalai Lama is some authority on Buddhism or worse, a Holy man himself, c) Buddhism is a great organized religion, d) Buddha is a God etc.

The truth according to human history is that Gautama Buddha was a materialistic philosopher in his time who denounced Hinduism, idol-worship and existence of God with its associated myths. This is a fact well known to the Dalai Lama or closer home to Robert Thurman. However in their ambitious claims to high fame, they would rather perpetuate the necessary myths around Buddha. Thus what we have today is a crash commercialization of secular philosophy of the Buddha. Buddha has suddenly emerged as some sort of a religious icon, and a God himself. People are now offering prayers and worshiping Buddhist statues – the greatest act of insult one can cause to a pronounced atheist who devoted his life against idol-worshiping.

In their pathetic attempts to attain immortality, the modern day Buddhist monopolists like Dalai Lama have offered to themselves such coveted titles of their own fanciful creations. Buddha never said after his death there should be a religion called Buddhism headed by a title called Dalai Lama. Indeed, for the Siddhartha who left his kingdom rejecting royal life, we had a contrasting lifestyle in form of the Tibetan empire which thrived on having a royal kingdom where people were forced to remain as slaves prior to Communism in China.

Buddha who denounced his own father for the holy halo around his authoritarian self, has now been relegated to an elite corner of self-seeking Nirvana achievers like Dalai Lama who dines with the celebrities and fancies himself being called as “His Holiness”! How ironic that the Dalai Lama cannot even simply drop such Holiness addresses resisting the worldly glory and fame reserved for the lesser mortals’ ambitions.

Western Lamas:

Like their friend the current Dalai Lama, the American celebrities Robert Thurman (incidentally, also the father of Uma Thurman who played the violent protagonist in ‘Kill Bill’. For those of us who wonder how can Robert – the first American to be a Buddhist priest- has to be blamed for Kill Bill concepts, there is some news. In a recent interview to New York Times, he goes on to lucidly defend the director Tarantino’s intents), Richard Gere, and Steven Spielberg among scores of other fancy Hollywood names, are reestablishing Buddhism through the “popular” interpretations. Professor Thurman in a recent “interfaith” gathering in Riverside Church at Columbia University ironically enough, quoted from Hindu texts to provide his rationale for Buddhism. I was present at the meeting to wonder why they would not invite atheists to a gathering meant to bring awareness about Hiroshima. I did not have to wonder much.

The Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, the Thurmans and the “politically correct” celebrities keep churning millions of dollars in producing misleading films about the Buddha, write scores of bestselling books that do not touch the periphery of atheism and consistently work to undermine the otherwise natural connection of Communism with Buddhism.

Buddha and Communism:
In the corporate media-driven world of misinformation it is often more comfortable talking about “peace and love” while easily overlooking the imperialistic wars and militarists. It is but natural to assume, since they are “as seen on TV”, that the communists are the greatest enemies of Tibet (again, way fallaciously concluded as modern highland of Buddhism).

A little critical deconstruction is necessary to unravel the questions that we need to pose in face of religious intolerance existing in current world. The religious leaders all claim that theirs are the scriptures that alone have the capability to bring peace to the world. On August 5, when I was taking part in an interfaith meeting in New York to commemorate Hiroshima Day, the invitees read out portions from their sacred texts to suggest “peace and love” in God’s land was the aim of religions. The grand irony in such debacle of an assumption is that all major wars of the past several centuries were fought only because of religious prescripts. From Hitler to Ariel Sharon to God’s own Bush, the war mongering missiles have declared war cries using religious pretexts. The Vatican in its history of constant apologies (but no punishments to itself) is testament to the long standing history of religious horrors. Be it the Hindu fundamentalists of India or the Afghan Talibans, religious heads have always resorted to communal clashes, acts of terrorism and in promoting environment of intolerance and perpetuating wars.

Against such necessary consequences of religious existence, being a progressive philosopher, Buddha was the one to firmly oppose religious warfare. His concepts of peace and tolerance were directly aimed against organized religious efforts of imposing authorities. If he were alive today, he would surely condemn all the His Holinesses of the world who have emerged as unquestioned authorities. If Buddha were alive today, he would join the Communists in the world that are working to destabilize “Royal” kingdoms, be they of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet or of Sweden. If Buddha were alive today, he would have turned sick to the stomach watching how people were offering prayers to his own statues! If he were alive today, he would have been traumatized at the sights of hooliganism displayed by the self proclaimed “monks” to sabotage the celebration of a global event.

Olympics is beyond China, although this year, China made Olympics prouder than it ever was. Never before there was such a participation of the masses in creating a great spectacle of solidarity and friendships. Never before was Olympics organized in such ideology-free environment of welcoming nature in the most peaceful and cordial manner possible. And Olympics is beyond a country. It is one symbolic gesture – no matter how sexist and undemocratic its Athenian roots are – that the entire world congregates in moods of jubilation and sports, through participation from representatives of various regions. An insult to a peoples’ efforts in Beijing to formally and beautifully conduct Olympics is also an insult to the world sentiments.

And in this act of resentments, Tibetan mobsters stand alone.

The accomplices:

If the minority of self proclaimed Buddhists stand alone, how could they have possibly caused such an impact in the world? They are not considered to be a legitimate cause of concern by the world bodies. No government worth a name in the world despite rants against “Chinese Communism” has lent support to Tibetan demands so as to boycott the Olympics (a trend very popular during Cold War period).

The truth is behind the veils of make-believe indifference, governments of many western powers and their corporate media organizations continue to foment the agitations against Communism and in the process, using Tibet as a trump card, keep negotiating with China to systematically abolish Communism.

One needs only to reflect back to 1984 Olympics where the China-Taiwan debate was at its peak. Communist China’s rights to posit itself as the sole legitimate representative from the area – also considering its position in the UN as the security council member- was historically denied by the very allowance of Taiwan’s participation in Olympics. The peasant government of China was replaced by the elite government of Taiwan in Olympic representation. So far so good. Except that when the Soviet Bloc responded to the Americans (who first boycotted the Moscow Olympics four years ago citing Afghanistan crisis), the US played the Sino-Soviet card to duly recognize Communist China in the realm of Olympics.

Today, 24 years later, the US, whose leaderships ranging from Bush to the recent Obama and Clinton (who all have publicly addressed the Americans of doing everything they will to stop Chinese economic growth amidst spiteful verbal promises), have decided to play the Tibet Card to negotiate further with China.

Anyone who has watched the NBC coverage of Olympics this year will get the picture clear. Not only the Olympics was not telecast “Live”, it was heavily edited and censored by NBC, the corporate media owned by a General Electric, a defamed corrupt monopolist.

GE, which owns the rights to Olympics this year could not have otherwise done so, without negotiation with the Chinese authorities, where the influence of Communism is dying rapidly if not dead already.

Olympics this year also marks the greatest commercial extravaganza in its history. A whopping $300 million investment on part of China would not have been possible without direct assistance of American corporate interests who intend to continue doing business with Chinese market- the largest bazaar in the world.

To make this possible, there have been deliberate attempts to undermine Communistic influences. It started with privatization of Olympics itself with sales of broadcast rights. GE which is infamous of pleading guilty to selling military jet engines to Israel, on charges of fraud and money laundering is at the forefront of making profiteering business out of the Olympics. GE chair Jack Welch is a pronounced anti-communist who heavily funded Ronald Reagan’s warfares against socialist economies during his time.

The battle against Communism has continued with negotiating with China with Tibet as the pawn. Consequently, talks with Iran and North Korea are underway. Sudan is next in line, what with the American team deliberately positioning a “Sudanese Refugee” (as NBC went on repeating itself) as leading the march. We let you keep Tibet: You renounce Communism, the American political leadership says to the Chinese leadership. We let you believe that opening of your market was required so that you could host the Olympics: You let our NBC and McDonalds and Bank of America to stake rights over the games, the American corporate leadership says to China.

And guess what, even the Dalai Lama agrees to this, the American leadership assures the Chinese. Indeed, Dalai Lama went to the press several times to clarify that he was supportive of the Olympics taking place in China. All at the cost of the expansion of American imperialism.

Just when the Chinese authorities thought that the required compromises of Communist policies– which have been in the process of being perfected ever since the demise of Mao – they could not have been backstabbed more.

President Bush chose Thailand as a site to make a “human rights” critique of China, the day preceding the Olympics. Tibetan protesters were allowed by Dalai Lama to go back on rampage. NBC in its censored telecast chose to mock at Chinese athletes “under pressure” and went on a tirade while unnecessarily joking about Iran, Zimbabwe, the then East Germany, erstwhile Soviet Union etc while offering so called expert commentaries.

Media reports from this backstabbing coalitions comprising the enraged Tibetans, and their media partners in form of NBC and BBC – two supposedly public broadcasters entirely dominated by corporate interests—continue to vilify the Chinese peoples and their government.

Lessons from Olympics, Economic Freedom Drug and Future of Chinese Working Class:
History is replete with accounts of such negotiations between progressive blocs with the capitalistic counterparts, and such coalitions have never worked in favor of the former. This is the appropriate time when China learns that its partnerships with corporate profiteers of multinational entities can only lead to further harming its peoples than aiding them.

Following the Olympics, China must reassess the false promises of glory and dangled carrots it is shoved to. The great modern country based on premises of working class rulers and founded by Chairman Mao must understand that the economic trickery that the West has subjected it to is nothing but an empty rhetoric related to 10% annual economic growth – a growth that suggests nothing in actual, since never before in Communist China were the disparities between the rich and the poor were so high- a growth that the Western media are reluctant to point out in this context- in the proportion of 3.3:1.

The great Chinese people, in order to regain their identity as a peace loving, communist country excelling in economic parity (not necessarily superfluity), must dissociate themselves from temptations of appeasing the West in name of Tibet, Taiwan, or Terrorism.

This Olympics, China displayed to the world how glorious they can be when they are united in their efforts to showcase the greatest show of the Earth despite scathing attacks from Western powers in name of “human rights”, and violent protests by Tibetan religious mobsters in name of “freedom” or organized hooliganism displayed by the Falun Gong reactionaries.

If China could overcome such hostilities today and bring the world together for one dream of peace and harmony in a period marked by imperialistic wars, China can easily overcome the current levels of compromises and rise to be once again the pride of humanity, as a victorious working class society as it once was, not so long ago. China must undergo the process of Rectification in order to lead its path to the revolutionary goals that are conducive for the majority of people, and not to appease a minority elite section of religious or propertied.

The Rectification movement according to Chairman Mao (in his speech at the Chinese Communist Party’s National Conference on Propaganda Work on March 12, l957) is “a widespread movement of Marxist education. Rectification means the whole Party studying Marxism through criticism and self-criticism. It is an arduous task to ensure a better life for the several hundred million people of China and to build our economically and culturally backward country into a prosperous and powerful one with a high level of culture. And it is precisely in order to be able to shoulder this task more competently and work better together with all non-Party people who are actuated by high ideals and determined to institute reforms that we must conduct rectification movements both now and in the future, and constantly rid ourselves of whatever is wrong.”

This Olympics, while the world must celebrate the Chinese spirit of Communistic cooperation, China must also undergo necessary rectification to reassess its reactionary economic policies and how far it has deviated from its revolutionary goals, lest it becomes entrapped in capitalistic appeasements. For China, both culture and the politics at this crucial juncture as Mao had warned about, need socialistically “realistic”, not economically opportunistic assessments.


Apologist for collective indifference
Bereft of long term amnesic stance
Capitulated dissidence

Decades of glaring carcasses
Emphasize countless tragedies
Frantically reassess the losses

Grim prospects for peaceniks
Hectored loftily by regimes
Invidious despair from mavericks

Joyous wait for impending peace
Kingdom of utopian bliss
Ludicrous beliefs never cease

Misread pages of war histories
Normalize causes of thy miseries
Oppressive narrations of human follies

Peace comes not by bombing lands
Quest for justice needs friendly hands
Revolutionaries above mere firebrands

Solidarity in these times of wars
Towards lasting peace and raising bars
Unionize to defeat the militarist czars

Victory to boundless internationalists
Workers of the world who unite to fight
Xenophobes, reactionary nationalists

Yardsticks of progress are years of peace
Zenith of harmony shall be rare to miss

-Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet, 2008