A Child’s Picture of the World

A poem from Tina Morris, the English poet, former co-editor of poetic journals. Morris along with Dave Cunliffe had proposed the British Poetry Revival in the eighth issue of their underground magazine Poetmeat around 1965.


for Serena

Between the earth
and the blue sky
there is always a gap –
an empty stretch –
where, to be truthful,
the sky should hang like rainbows
and fill the spaces
between the trees with prism light.

And your pictures always have
green grass and blue water
and brilliant flowers
which sometimes grow
as tall as the trees.
Under the yellow sun
there are ladies
in coloured dresses
just standing, smiling.

But you use too much water
so the colours
begin to dribble and merge together
and it looks as though
someone has been crying
over the beautiful
impossible world
you have tried
to create.


What are your thoughts?

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