A World to Win

I came across this news service–A World to Win News Service. They have the following to say:

“While we are not yet able to offer well-rounded and rapid coverage based on a network of correspondents, the world situation – including US imperialism’s ongoing wars on the Oppressed Countries, the people’s growing resistance and their equally growing revolutionary needs and movements – has made it necessary for us to enter the battle for a public opinion based on the truth now, even though we can only do that in a modest way now. AWTWNS is published only electronically. All its articles may be reprinted, excerpted or used in any other way as long as it is credited.”
You can find them here


Author: Saswat Pattanayak

Journalist, Generalist, Atheist, Poet, Lover, Photographer, Communist, Third wave Feminist, LGBT ally, Black power comrade, Peacenik, Anti-capitalist, Critical media theorist, Radical film critic, Academic non-elite…

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