Any buyer for IMF report?

The IMF’s Global Monitoring Report 2005 is out and it seems clear on its agenda: That, without early and tangible action to accelerate progress, the Millennium Development Goals will be seriously jeopardized—especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, which at current trends will fall short of all the goals. At stake are prospects not only for hundreds of millions of people to escape poverty, disease, and illiteracy, but also for long-term peace and security—objectives intimately linked to development.

And how does one reach the goal?

Developing countries
must take the lead in articulating and implementing
development strategies that aim
higher. They should build on recent progress
on reforms by deepening improvements in
policies and governance to achieve stronger
economic growth and scale up human development
and related key services.

What else is not new?

Developed countries must step up implementation
of the commitments they made as
part of the Monterrey Consensus. They
should substantially increase the volume of
development aid and improve its delivery to
facilitate more effective use by recipients. And
they should show leadership on trade policy
reforms that open markets to developing
country exports and that give greater coherence
to developed country policies in terms of
their impact on development.

Same old! Same old!


What are your thoughts?

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