Are these journeys through the Hollow Tunnel?

The Economist and The New Yorker revisited:

I see a clear bias of The Economist: a colonial bias. Even as Tony Blair report on Africa suggests that foreigners who pay bribes should be punished, and foreign firms that extract minerals from African soil should be more transparent in their dealings with local governments, The Economist is quick to point out that foreigners do not cause corruption.

Indeed it justifies the international scams as it goes on: “For every shady multinational, slipping a minister a sackful of cash for a contract, there are thousands of African policemen robbing people at roadblocks or African bureaucrats inventing pointless rules so that they can demand bribes not to enforce them.” Indeed, in the post-colonial discourse, the roadmap to police brutality or bureaucratic corruption in Africa could have been carved out more critically, more radically. The articles on Africa remind one of Richburg’s “Out of America”—a tale half-told, poorly told.

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