Binayak Sen

Judges think they have now jailed Binayak Sen

But he is indeed freed by this life sentence

They think the doctor’s cause has met its end

Little do they know he feels at home with comrades 


What country, what sovereignty, what justice? 

Imprisoned Binayak, what dialogues of peace?

Liberal democracy a sham, and to save its grace 

How many Binayaks we must sacrifice?


Professional war-mongers comprise ruling class

Dacoits-at-large, freely looting the mass

Tatas and Ambanis, monopolists get awarded

Radia and Burkha, brokers, dalaals, well-bred


India is bleeding, oh my motherland in pain 

Her comrades are dying, their revolutions in vain

Vedanta’s Chidambaram, World Banks’s McMohan

Auctioning India off, with terror and deception


Binayak, you wont be alone facing charges of Sedition

If they found with you letters of dishonorable missions

All working folks will communicate Maoist lessons

To imprison us all, they better create the biggest of prisons!


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet



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