Blog of the Day: Ethan Zuckerman’s heart in Accra

…My heart’s in Accra : Ethan’s Weblog – My blog is in Cambridge …

In 1994, I dropped out of graduate school and joined a couple of friends in Williamstown, MA in building one of the first “pure” companies – Tripod. As the only person on the team who knew HTML, I got to be “tech guy” – outclassed by guys who could program circles around me, I became bizdev guy, legal guy, customer service guy and R&D guy before settling, briefly, on “retired guy”.

That’s Ethan Zuckerman who blogs on Africa, Technology and Media. What I most like about Ethan is his efforts to put African bloggers on the network of the first world. And by that alone, he has added a lot to a divergent discussion already.


Author: Saswat Pattanayak

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