Breaking the Silence

I had a period of silence. And it was deafening.

The so-called natural disasters are no more within the control of the nature anymore. Not just do disasters of such scale continue to persist (despite the fact that there should be none, considering the “progress” we have made in terms of our understanding of nature) because of human interference in ecological balance (what with the high-rises, the nuclear underground/water tests, the unusual warming), but even the aftermaths of the disasters continue to ravage human lives (which are logically most extremely avoidable).

So the most recent (in)human disaster has a name: Katrina. In the few subsequent blog posts, I shall publish in entirety some reactions, responses and revolutionary stances that few people are taking everyday of their lives and which need to be emulated.

Personally speaking, I have few reservations about the donation-charity society. By going this way, we are absolving the government we elect of its role: which is to conduct itself in accordance to the demands of the social situation. I would be far better to see the anger than the gratitude in the face of victims. And my heart does not go out to them because they are in a state of dismay. My whole self goes, because they are angry. Agitated. This is the wake-up call.


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  1. Sandip K. Dasverma

    Dear Saswat babu:
    Katrina is man made. I just managed to read an amazing book recently – Plan B by Lester Brown the person largely credited with Indian Green Revolution and President of World Watch Institute. Please read the same.
    His prescription was a couple of which prominent was to convert all cars to Hybrid immidiately & all over the world to stop production of filament bulbs. Else per his prediction, based on graphs and data – world will see more see storms of more intensity and frequency. His prediction is by 2030 all the insurance companies will go bankrupt – if no remidy is taken. He was highly critical of the oil policies of GWB and the ignorance of the policy makers of USA to the developing trends, due their conservative philosophy.

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