By Any Means

With the new dawn, the promising sun, 

revolutionaries now victorious, and after

Many comrades dead, many youths spent

Finally invincible, triumphant, glorious


The masses have won, capitalists mourn

Old order’s demise, new seeds of hope sown

Winds have changed course, profiteers’ loss

System replaced, no sympathy for elitist woes


Yet the paths ahead more difficult than traversed

Organizing are old guards of private accumulators 

“We shall soon crush all & bring you back to sense”

Modern day White Armies gearing up for assaults


Traditionally privileged won’t give up hoarded lands

Elected agents lost the battles; not them an ounce

Mercenaries and private army, Swiss bank accounts

Masses a juvenile bunch got no budgetary allowance


Are revolutions half-won? Cause the war’s always on

When the privileged surrender, do they ever mourn?

Do they give up liberties for love of social equalities

Or they conspire to get back exploitative legacies?


Capitalistic morons, individualistic parasites

Liberty preachers, meritorious networking bullies

Free market advocates, tax-evading charities & those 

That hail Corporate Social Responsibilities 


High time these rowdies in executive suits 

Are paraded naked in all their nefarious roots

They shall never stop consolidating resources

And radicals never pause in organizing their comrades


As much efforts are spent on reactionary wars

And for propaganda sustaining corporate press farce

Even more so are needed to activate and underpin peace

Revolutionary goals need to be preserved, by any means!


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet



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