A Review of “The Darker Nations”

[Originally published in Radical Notes, 18 March 2007] Vijay Prashad, The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World, The New Press, New York, 2007. Hardcover, 384 pp. Amazon/NP The Darker Nations is a critical historiography of the Third World. Vijay Prashad’s deeply instructive as well as occasionally mordant looks at events and processes that made up the history of oppressed peoples in the 20th century comprise this brilliant work. It is a book profound for being peremptory, and absolutely necessary for being so relevant today that it is imperative for activists and researchers alike. For one, the various…


Anarchism-From Theory to Practice

Noam Chomsky has written the introduction to the book on Anarchism skillfully crafted by Daniel Guerin. Guerin is an early opponent of Fascism, a prominent gay activist, political theorist, historian and someone who propounded a hybrid of Marxism and Anarchism. A committed Leftist, his work Anarchism– From Theory to Practice is a must-read to understand the most often misunderstood political movement.