Adorno’s Popular culture

One leaves oneself at home when one goes to the theatre, one renounces the right to one’s own tongue and choice. . . . There one is common people, audience, herd, female, pharisee, voting cattle, democrat, neighbor, fellow man . . . even the most personal conscience is vanquished by the leveling magic of the great number. . . . (Nietzsche) An Interesting read it was. On Theodor Adorno & HEAVY METAL. Advertisements


Cultural (Dis)respects of Hip Hop

Village Voice has this story on Young South Asians’ Love-Hate Relationship with Hip-Hop’s New Indian Beats Mix This by Tina Chadha talks about the tensions in the music industry of hip hop and myths of cultural purity. Belly dancing is Middle Eastern, not Indian. But you wouldn’t know from videos of Indian-influenced hip-hop. Ever since Timbaland accidentally bought an Indian CD five years ago, artists from Missy Elliott to Bubba Sparxxx to Justin Timberlake have turned to outdated Indian tracks to make crowds gyrate. Although they may not know Bollywood from bhajans, and their lyrics sometimes contain misguided stereotypes, they’re…