Celine Dion: Let them touch those things for once!

The beautiful and radical Celine Dion on Larry King Live.

You know, some people are stealing and they’re making a big deal out of it. Oh, they’re stealing 20 pair of jeans or they’re stealing television sets. Who cares? They’re not going to go too far with it. Maybe those people are so poor, some of the people who do that they’re so poor they’ve never touched anything in their lives. Let them touch those things for once.

KING: Joining us now is an old and dear friend, Celine Dion, the musical superstar. She’s in her dressing room at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. She will go on stage in about a half hour. She and the director of her wonderful show, a show I’ve seen, Franco Dragone, have donated by the way, pledged $1 million to the American Red Cross.

What has been your response, Celine, to this? I especially ask this because you’re French Canadian from Montreal and New Orleans is a mostly French city.

CELINE DION, SINGER: Correct and I’ve been there a few times. We’ve stayed there. I’ve, you know, filmed videos there and so Rene and I, we’ve been to New Orleans. And, I have to say, Larry, that and state it as the rest of the world if I may I was watching you behind, there’s a television right now, I’m watching and I’m especially waiting like the rest of the world.

I’m waking up in the morning. I’m having a coffee. I barely can swallow it. I come here at Caesar’s Palace every night to perform. I barely can sing. But for respect the people who come I am still singing. When I come home at night, my son is waiting for me. I watch television.

Yes, we gave $1 million but what we expect, what I want to look like the rest of the world, I open the television there’s people still there waiting to be rescued and for me it’s not acceptable. I know there’s reasons for it. I’m sorry to say I’m being rude but I don’t want to hear those reasons.

You know, some people are stealing and they’re making a big deal out of it. Oh, they’re stealing 20 pair of jeans or they’re stealing television sets. Who cares? They’re not going to go too far with it. Maybe those people are so poor, some of the people who do that they’re so poor they’ve never touched anything in their lives. Let them touch those things for once.

The main thing right now it’s not the people who are stealing. It’s the people who are left there and they’re watching helicopters flying over their heads and they’re praying. How come it’s so easy to send planes in another country to kill everyone in a second, to destroy lives?

We need to serve our country and for me to serve our country is to be there right now to rescue the rest of the people. We need the cash. We need the blood. We need the support. Right now we need the prayers.

You know when I was hearing a couple of days ago that these things are not reachable it’s too full of water, maybe I’m too much like my — I’m not thinking with my head. I’m talking with my heart. Nobody can open any roofs? The helicopters flying in take two people at a time, take a kayak. Go into those walls.

There’s kids being raped at night. They hear gunshots, big guns, what’s that? Those people are praying. They’re walking. They’re like this, hello, do you see us? We’re still alive but we’re dying. It’s terrible.

KING: Celine.

DION: I do not want to talk to you about money.

KING: How do you explain it to your young son?

DION: Well, I have to (INADUIBLE).

KING: Are you OK?

DION: Yes, Rene Charles knows because sometimes he watches televisions with me and I’m saying to him those people went through a big storm and they will be fine because I know at the end they’ll be fine and I hope and we’re all praying for them. I’m trying not to put to Rene Charles something so dramatic and that’s why I’m sorry for crying so hard because I’m holding it for the last week and I’m trying to tell my son that everything is going to be OK. But I see those mothers over there, they’re like (INAUDIBLE).

KING: But look at this thins way, Celine, though a lot of people, we’ve been doing the show now for two and a half hours. We’ve been asking a lot of people how they can help, how you can help? A lot of people all over the world want to help. You gave $1 million.

You’re going to help a lot of people live and survive. You should take great pride in that, one, that you’ve attained the ability to be able to do that, to be able to give $1 million. You should take pride in that.

DION: I understand it. I understand it’s very important because eventually they will need that money but it’s just very frustrating that Franco and (INAUDIBLE) and me oh $1 million. This is one thing.

In three months, in six months they will need that money. Right now they’re praying for water so we need to send them the water. They don’t care about my check. So, it’s just frustrating because in our part of the world we’re trying our best and we’re expecting those people — I’m sorry.

KING: Your check will turn into something. I know you got to go on soon but we couldn’t spend any time with you without asking you, do you have any kind of thing you would like to sing that fits this moment? Is there any song?

DION: Oh, my gosh.

KING: Even if you did a little of it. I don’t want to…

DION: Well, the only song that comes to my mind right now is definitely a prayer. I did sing that song a few weeks — a few years back with Andrea Bocelli.

KING: Ah, yes.

DION: And I cannot think — I cannot think about a song but a prayer. I will do my very best and I’ll do my best.


DION: God bless them all.

KING: Thank you, Celine. Celine Dion, she’ll go on stage in 20 minutes. There’s a trooper.



  1. Why don’t you let them go to your neighborhood and touch your things, Dion? I’m sure they have never touched a Porche, or Lamborghini before.

    Dion, or should I call you Marie Antoinette? You are so out of touch with reality you haven’t a clue as to what is going on in the world. I really don’t hold that against you because you are so very rich and lead a sheltered life. What I do hold against you is your justification for looting non-essential items. No one here, in the U.S. is that poor that they couldn’t afford to buy a pair of jeans!

    Did you know Dion, that many hard working responsible people have insurance on their things, but that their insurance doesn’t cover everything. Many policies do not cover for Civil unrest. And I would call looting Civil unrest.

    Next time think before your open mouth. People are beginning to think you are a silly, foolish woman.

  2. there are people in this country too poor to be able to buy a pair of jeans…

    her point was, at that time, people were dying, and everyone was making a bigger deal out of the looting than out of the deaths. yeah, it sucks that they were looting, but it sucks more that they were dying!

  3. I have no problem with famous people leveraging their access to an audience to expose the problems of the world, it is these people; famous people, artists, actors, musicians who have had enourmous effects on society because to some extent i am sad to say they are role models to many individuals.

    a friend i know once thought
    if something like this were measurable, the real question would be- does the scale and impact of a famous person’s positive message grow proportionally in relation to the profits they are generating while portraying the message(be it an Oprah show or Dion doing an on air appearance).
    If it does, then i suppose they’ve made the
    right decision. If it doesn’t i suppose they have failed us.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not a huge fan of these popular characters such as Oprah or Dion who mostly waste our time, but I can appreaciate a good positive message they sometimes have and expose their LARGE audiences to.

  4. I have no other comments.

    Thank you gentlemen.

  5. Actually, I would like to say a few more things:

    First of all, I think Celine Dion is a very
    nice and generous lady and I have nothing against her. I just didn’t appreciate her comments on the Larry King show. She is too emotional and out of touch.

    When you are young you don’t make alot of money.
    You work, you go to school, you don’t have kids right away. You work at keeping your credit good,you don’t get in trouble with the law. Once you get in trouble with the law your doors to employment opportunites close. Then, you will be poor. And always, save for a rainy day. It doesn’t take alot of money.

What are your thoughts?

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