Chinese and Indian media view Debates

The following is the abstract of the recent paper Bu and I are working on:

By employing framing theory and content analysis, this study identified the media frames in the leading Chinese and Indian newspapers and Websites in their coverage of 2004 U.S. presidential debates. The major findings include both Chinese and Indian media predominantly disclose preferences for John Kerry over George Bush in their news reports. The U.S. debates also generated media discussions of some other issues the debates did not cover extensively, such as U.S. policy towards Taiwan and North Korea nuclear issue for Chinese media, and Kashmir issue and India’s stand on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty for Indian media.

This study also discovers other media frames including media bias, poll prediction, online cynicism, and personality politics. The authors argue that studying these frames may broaden the understanding of the media effects of international reporting, which might be a valuable contribution to research about the construction of reality using media frames, and implicit ideology in political reporting.


What are your thoughts?

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