Video Watch: Secrets of the CIA

Did CIA create Osama bin Laden & fostered fanaticism? For those who never knew it already, Chomsky says, yes.

“A sensible person would try to ascertain Bin Laden’s views, and the sentiments of the large reservoir of supporters he has throughout the region. Bin Laden became a militant Islamic leader in the war to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. He was one of the many religious fundamentalist extremists recruited, armed, and financed by the CIA and their allies in Pakistani intelligence to cause maximal harm to the Russians-quite possibly delaying their withdrawal-though whether he personally happened to have direct contact with the CIA is unclear, and not particularly important. Not surprisingly, the CIA preferred the most fanatic and cruel fighters they could mobilize. The end result was to “destroy a moderate regime and create a fanatical one, from groups recklessly financed by the Americans” (according to London Times correspondent Simon Jenkins).

Source: Interview on Radio B92, Belgrade Sep 18, 2001

Well, of course there are huge amount of apparent human beings just so opposed to everything Chomsky says! And equally sad, the way the secret operatives have been normalized, instead of being questioned.

So, I thought in the age of Fox TV and all accompanying television shortcuts, let’s watch this short video of the secretive CIA.



  1. Just another place to confirm this is to, explore allocations and expenses of funds by USA govt in repurchase of stringer missiles from jehadis (doled to them to fight against USSR) which became a bane for American soldiers hunting for OBL in afghanistan.

  2. Saswat Pattanayak

    Its another story that OBL was never the problem with the US administration at all. He was their hero. And joining in that so-called war against terror in 2001, the Indian right wing govt also lent support to the hero. Anyone critically examining theories of 9/11 and the aftermath (from michael moore’s to noam chomsky’s) will understand how the Vajpayee Govt too wanted OBL mania to continue, so that laws like POTA get enacted (just as the Patriot Act) to empower them to go out against the innocent minorities who have failed to support the BJP or the Republicans.
    in the US, the fourth amendment became a joke after patriot act. and in India, POTA continued to reign.

    OBL was never being hunted. People like him are so much needed for the Hindu and Christian fundamentalism to grow. Hence they have helped him survive the communist attack, or the popular muslim attack. he is the most protected man today, and not some vile terrorist who has been hoodwinking everyone as we are led to believe. Of course his television images (leading to ZEE TV serials too) are enough for the saffron and the white guards to get off the ground.

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