Curtain Raiser for Mother’s Day

Its not funny that I found 122,000 pages under Google by making a search for [“Mother’s Day Sale”], 1,740,000 pages under Google by making a search for [Mothers Day Sale]. And 9,280,000 pages by making a search for [Mother’s+Day+Sale].
Now thats whats called Consumerism at its peak. And mind you, not just that, its a global disease now too. Don’t tell me it too spread from African monkeys. Its from our very own Yankees, this time around.
Well, I should be knowing. I started my mainstream journalistic career in 1999 with a Mother’s Day story on the front page of Economic Times, Delhi.
Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mamas! Just don’t pamper yourselves too much if you haven’t taught kids how no education is good enough if it does not teach why joining naval bases targetting innocent civilians is the greatest crime and why supporting profit bases of gift makers for Mother’s Day is not gonna solve issues either.


What are your thoughts?

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