Draconic POTA jeered

POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) review has begun in India. Finally. Does it make life easier? Hardly. Following suits of the Patriot Act, India’s fascination to tackle terrorism has led different people in jails, on political grounds. Same old. We have heard of such normal political misuse of power.

What’s new? Only five of the 14 states gave any shit to the request of the Union Govt to furnish papers. Bravo! What happens to the review? Mainstream press will not bother to know any longer. The news is over. And out.


Author: Saswat Pattanayak

Journalist, Generalist, Atheist, Poet, Lover, Photographer, Communist, Third wave Feminist, LGBT ally, Black power comrade, Peacenik, Anti-capitalist, Critical media theorist, Radical film critic, Academic non-elite…

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