No more reasons to call mayhem

Not one more life in our name

Not another death to uphold your religion

No more such violent catch 22 situation

Not to secure your mother’s dormant statues

Nor to pay back for your father’s power abuse

No more thought controls by government bureaucrats

Not once more will we believe in your tactics of attacks

No time to agitate, its time to step down from power

No press conferences, no indomitable statues or tower

In such times, politicians of the world must unite

You have everything to lose, including your might

For once, walk with the people, feel their agonies

Set examples of selves, write accords for peace

Stop the blame-games with Pakistan and Muslims

Or against one’s poor, the backward, and their miseries

Now is the time to act, to promise just one thing:

Stop playing communal, ‘tis just one life for rejoicing.


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


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