False Accusers

Three of us are posing an eternal threat

To ninety seven of you believers

Our reasonable questions unsettle your fate

While your hands are soiled with bloods.


You seem disturbed by our immorality

While your prophets, popes and seers

Continue in the name of immortality

Rape culture of glorified gory scriptures.


Our short skirts and no bras disturb your tranquility

While you gloat over subjugating women in your fiefdoms

Our demanding rights for the victims of your atrocity

Provoke you to uphold your carefully protected sexist laws.


While you continue to claim the Queer do not exist 

You keep on beheading, stoning them to deaths

In your discriminating worldview so heterosexist

Even your chief charlatans, your seers remain all males.


All you wise folks that disallow being questioned

Dismissive of our child-like curiosities

Are you our teachers and parents thus inclined

To teach us tales of twisted credibilities?


Scripted tales of selective valor, courage, and heroism 

In your books, virtues of forgiveness, vices of hatred 

Only per your convenience, the mythical fanaticism

Rarely invoked, hardly rebuked, and never addressed.


Aren’t you our beloved ancestors with unexamined morals

Ethics that suit you, in your condescending overtones

Our wretched past you bestow to us as infinitely glorious

Or are you our stamps of approvals for ongoing consumptions?


Those of you who condemn the future as blank and the bleak

Hollow and the insensitive, meaningless and westernized

Pleasure seeking, individualistic, greedy and the weak

Ensuring this reactionary world never has its demise –


Have you paused to interrogate how is this even a possibility

Without proclivity for sustaining your active participations 

In sabotaging the biggest anticapitalist movement globally

Have you paused to question your misplaced missions?


You still ask of us to restore the faith and keep the belief

In a god you have failed to prove; a god we fail to notice

Masquerades as divine, serves your deliberate mischief

A manufactured class enemy, a tool to justify your avarice. 


And if there is really one and He emerges tomorrow

It will appear to be the most sinister of creatures

Hitler and Mussolini combined cannot overshadow 

Far more evil than your beloved godmen and preachers.


For the vile men and women abuse and incite once in a while

Even as the supreme God leads centuries of oppressions 

I am sick and tired of your falsehood, your fake forgiving smile

Just keep your god and shove it up where it truly belongs.


While you might applaud how holy books call us humans

You raise your kids as Hindus, Muslims and all that crap

And stop the Buddhist nonsense, those non-violent sermons

Since you can’t prevent your Burmese monks’ killer trap. 


Even as we go unsung in your goddamn media spin

We are not silent, defeated or subservient to your whims

And those of us who reject any notion of god, religion, sin

May not even declare ourselves as fanatically atheists.


We may not even know what it takes to be a skeptic  

To not believe in something we don’t even think matters

So we shall let you flourish while you merely nitpick

But don’t mistake our historical tolerance as our barriers.


Don’t take our quest for verifiable knowledge as our ignorance

Don’t confuse our unconditional love for humanity with hatred

Because it is you who spread the communal venoms, intolerance

Challenging you for centuries have indeed left countless of us dead.


And even as we have been trounced, brutalized by your fanatics 

In face of your militant gas chambers and violent condemnations

We shall not be vanquished, nor relinquish being your vocal critics

Persist we shall in resisting your dictums, your malicious infiltrations.


Every revolution has been waged against the status quo believers

Next in line are your fictitious brands of gods that have sown in your souls

Fears that refuse you to join us and to notice that you too are doubters

That organically you were always born atheists – that once you were just, us.


What are your thoughts?

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