For you, My love

Some say my love, there’s a time for love 

An occasion to assert, and to proclaim

For me, my love, there’s none to resolve

Nothing to validate, or rename


Friendship distinct, values progressive

Your trust not for selfish pursuits

World I question, in you I believe

Absorbed in you, my life renews


Opposed you are to unjust strictures

Unyielding your principled stands

Averse to imperialism, oppressions

You endorse free people and lands     


My friend forever, my teacher you are

You inspire me in times good and rough

Lending me strength, whether near or far

Unflinching courage, determination tough 


For some my love, we picture perfect 

For me love grows, an evolving frame

Some may say, we reposeful, content

For you my love, may I not be in vain…


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


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