2013: Global Spring?

Another year past, and the die has been cast 

Future will be better, so predicts the soothsayer

Changes visible at last, with progresses steadfast

Status quo flayed forever, ruling elites now shudder


What can be worse, than the last year so coarse

Drabbled in colonial blood, Diamond Jubilee fraud

Millionaire monarchs, offering austerity measures

Middleton’s pregnancy nod, nurse upsets the god


Africa continues to exist, exploited, needy, subsists

Capitalist handouts ravage, suppress evolving rage

Gaza attacked by imperialists, Israeli apartheid wins

First world too has problems, Kim Kardashian craze


Yet Sandy storms still, Sandy Hook gun cultures kill

Frisk and search racist, disempowered cannot resist

Islamophobic Youtube reel, West’s warmongering shill

Obama’s growing kill-list, the American draconic fist


Hindus wake up to rapes, Indian conscience reshapes

Dalits brutalized, Maoists killed, Modi wins reelection bid

Where the mind full of fears, and head regretfully hangs

Protesters off the lid, protected again by nationalist shield


Shall we see more of the same, or more shall make us ashamed

For the historical alarms won’t ring, nor can we stop uprising 

Must curb individualist fame, for the sake of revolutionary flame

Let’s say, Two Thousand Thirteen will bring, a truly Global Spring!


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


What are your thoughts?

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