Hindu Seer II

I thank Chinmaya for bringing the news to the group. Since the group always revels in religious discourses, it was the right platform, even if it was of radically different taste this time. Bitter?
My letter:

I am not surprised! Not at all–
Remember how “Satya Sai Baba” fled the police several times and was accused of
child sexual abuses….
But he is still in the seat of esteem because of the irony that the judiciary
also comprises folks who legitimize these frauds’ statuses.
And when Kavoor in his “Begone Godmen” challenged the spiritual gurus of the
world, none of them came forward to prove themselves.
Shame that we have to wait for the legal systems to take action….
and in the meantime these Con-men use the most fundamental concept to hypnotize
the masses: religion and god! And we innocents gulp down the sermons and start
preaching them as well and engage in advocating their languages and spreading
messages. Instead of locating the issues that concern the hungry and the
homeless, we practice the luxury of religious discourses….
Even a radical like Malcolm X paid for it too! By the time he discovered how the
religious were detached from the realities, he was swiftly eliminated by the
god-loving creatures. Little wonder we care to bother if the gurus practice what
they preach…
anyway, with such ‘breaking news’, its always better late than never…
thanks, Chinmaya,


What are your thoughts?

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