Hindu Seer V

At times I am sure, I can’t beat our good friend Vulcan!

He strikes back to AA:

>>> I hope smart guys like Chinmay, Saswat, Vulcan etc know what it (Albigensian Massacre) was.

I’m sorry AA babu, I don’t know nothing about Albigensian Massacre? Is that a criteria for pre-qualification by hindu preachers to be a smart guy? No wonder such preachers get arrested like a local goonda and I’m sure GOD will definitely come to rescue him.

Chinmaya replies to the earlier hurl:

No way ! I never think that way.
In the first click, I found the message did not appear in my inbox, where as the latter post had come. I felt, that might be the problem with yahoo, and sent that again with a new subject. By then, I had forgotten the title of first posting which I had copied from the net.
Hmm…Interpretation distorts the fact. Hope, I made it clear above.A post is a post, attack to the subject, not to the questioner. See,an innocent youngman is yelling with your agressive remark here 🙂
I only sent a link of a news.I have never tried to prove/disprove anybody. Thats it.
If it hurts your religious sentiment that intense, then I must apologise. If the sentiments are so deep rooted in us, we must put a restriction to this kind of posting.Personally, I think, what is the role of a spiritual guru in politics, why at all the seeker of highest kind of truth has to have nexus with Jayalalitha/karunanidhi ?
Its a question in common, the validity of religion and religious guru for a common mass ? We do not know, who is right/wrong ? The intensity with which we believe/pray to GOD,hope, Vulcano bhai, or Saswat are no exceptions to that. Despite of that, they have a concern for mass, and they are trying to adress that.And, we must not be that intolerant to their views.
Nobody can listen a word against relgion/relgious Guru, thats where our weaknesses lie.
Law will take it own course.
Rest, I am in full agreement with your points.
With Regards !


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