Hindu Seer VI

One more from the right:

It indeed makes me think “It hapens only in India”; I dont know how many of us
have that HUGE confidence on our Law; Had it happened with a Pope or a Muslim
Cleric, it wld have been impossible to arrest him. Secondly the Sankaracharya is
not going to fled anywhere; so where is the utility of arresting him? Thirdly,
we should think N-times before we question these ppl called Sankaracharya; these
are not so simply selected to become the head of a “pith”; Let Chinmaya and Jena
bAbu try to become one; they will feel the metamorphosis happening; I tell of my
experience; when I take simple boiled food for few days I feel so serene; and
these ppl have been trained through the life;
The problem in Hinduism is too obvious; Some painter paints nude pictures of our
gods and goddesses; we remain silent and feel that we are logical; I dont know
how ligical is such logic;
Bal Thakrey just asked the same painter to paint the most handsome guy and put
best cloathes and jewelleries and just name it as “allAh”; could he do it,
rather wld he dare to do it??
best regards, A

Following this, Anup surely has a point:

Why such an insecurity ? Whats the need to prove one’s pshychology,
one’s behaviour ? We have to see, if a point can be worth taken, or

I have been observing the posts in the group silently since a long
days, what puzzles me the contumacies and unkind approach we
displayed towards the thoughts we never like to have.By labelling
people with the brand of arrogant, atheist, intentional,smart etc,
are not we trying to supress their views.

I am broken with this kind of news; a highest spiritual maestro is
undergoing a criminal charge.That is not though quite uncommon.We
have witnessed many issues of such kinds.Religius based things have
seen so much of bloodshed, and violence.Judiciary deals with the
common people, and we need not worry as to nothing is going to
happen with people of the highest kind.

Your concern for the traumatised experience of a convicted is worth
considering.Have you ever given a thought to hunderds of innocent
poor souls who are many times proved guilty and punished for none of
their mistakes ? Law can not take it own course.By then, it would
have generated so much of sympathiser, and preachers ? Who will/can
the punish the head of a family ?

I am baffled too. Where is the place of a spiritual elevated person
in politics.Politics is a mind boggling game, and its connection
with religion is again dangerous.Both the way, they sweep away mind.

Its not at all against any religion. Nothing to feel bad, or
overpossesive. Its my own view.


What are your thoughts?

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