Hindu Seer VIII

Friend Ashrujit corrects the old guard:

Respected AA,
Any messages in CAPS is considering shouting. Please refer to the
netiquettes and email etiquette.
Respectfully, Ashrujit
Another one for the old gurard…this one is from Chinmaya

Dear Sir,
It seems, you have taken the discussion to your heart bit intensly.Thats not at all needed.Was the caps post a typo, or intentional ?

No social change takes place over night.With a road map, we can not bring about a change in a stipulated time period.This is a chimerical thought.

All that you are naming puking of venom is the doubt of the confused young minds regarding spirituality, and organised religion.

As like the religious talk in the forum goes without opposition, same must go with an anti-religious stand too.
Can we ask one to keep quiet, who speaks of religion ?

Extirpating religion should not be ones target, becoz its a vastly un-understood subject. A little shift in our belief structure may enhance its utility.
With Regards !
Sincerely yours
Chinmaya ..
Finally, who can beat Vulcan Bhai again?

Hi my fellow branded anti-religious youths….

The emotional outburst of certain persons can be analyzed & observed in the following manner…..

The effects of the mind on the body can be very powerful. Fortunately, nutrition can be a big part of the cure, known as psycho-nutrition, since what you eat can alter neurotransmitter production in your brain which controls your emotions. After years of studying Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA), Dr. David Watts, has discerned the connection between distinct biochemical imbalances and specific emotions.

For example:

Too much calcium causes depression.

Too little calcium causes anxiety

Too much iron causes volcanic hostility.

Too little iron causes learning disabilities.

Too little magnesium causes attention deficit syndrome.

Too much copper causes learning disabilities.

Too little copper causes manic depression.

Too much manganese causes compulsive behavior

Too much mercury causes irritability.

Too much aluminum (found in most deodorants) causes attention deficit syndrome and may cause Alzheimer’s.

Too much lead causes aggression

Too much sodium causes hostility.

Too little sodium causes apathy.

Too little vitamin C causes depression.

He suggested by simply changing your diet, you can control, then cure the nutritional causes of these emotional problems.

So the question is should we let such emotional outburst suppress us & prevent from seeking the truth & reality? If YES then, Analendu Babu is right & we should stop barking. If NO then ignore such loud & noisy barking of a big guy like him.

By the way such outburst was little bit scary, but not that much like the recent horror movie that I saw name “The Grudge”.


What are your thoughts?

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