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The professor declares he is out. He claims other wise people have also left the forum in disgust. In his own words:

It is the nature of some people to derive sadistic pleasures by asking
absurd questions, while they already know the answers. In this regard,
I have decided to leave the forum for a few of you who will have a
chance to attack Hinduism from every aspect. M babu is already out,
and so is AA babu. I am signing off from the group too because my
orthodox mind may instill evil in the young minds. I tried to be simple
but my emotions and learnings are too damaging. It was a free forum and
it would be unwise to be with the great minds. Before I leave, I would
like to tell you only thing, which you may find wrong.
Never trust a person who says he/she is not afraid of God. They have
decided to discard morality from their behaviour and would be ruthless
at their will and pleasure. However, they cannot live with out you
making a mistake. The power of evil comes from the innocent mistakes of
great men. Evil never goes away, and only multiplies.
Finally, I congratulate the Atheists!
Good luck with your venture of using the forum for your absurd arguments
when you know the answers too!
.With my highest to regards to all of you. And again, I did it after
very careful consideration.


Sanjib replies:
I didn’t mean to offend you. What I said is my personal
observation..if you think that as you are born brahmin, that gives
you right not to allow someone inside the temple or, prevent someone
from using same pond you are drinking from and that is right..You
can lead the life of your beliefs.

I come from a very orthodox brahmin family. But I don’t agree with
everything my parents or, elders follow. But we have to respect each
other’s beliefs.

That is the problem in challenging the status quo. We will make
people upset. But the most important thing is not to lose

Once again I am very sorry that you decided to leave the Orisa forum because of me..

One rejoinder from a brother who has not yet decided:

Sanjib brother , why you feel ashamedabout the cast system ?
It is ironic, there are terrorist all over the world, from satate, from religious bodies etc. There are vices that presents in all of us. Are you ashamed of it too ?
Are you ashamed of being a human being also ?

Remember, Harsh Mander ? He said “I am ashamed to be an Indian,I can’t sing Saare Jahan se achha again.”(after Gujrat carnage).

Nothing to be ashamed about. There are weakness, strenth is what required to overcome it. Caste system is getiing out day by day.. .it takes time, let us be a part of the ‘thousands revolution’, as Sir Naipal said.
And this brother writes to me now. Clearly he does not want my reply!:

Bandhu Saswat,
No, I am not asking to reply/not reply me or group. I am requesting you to reflect on few things.

1> There is a fair amount of guarantee that the highest priest of hinduism would not be a goonda.

2> You are plainly baised, otherwise why would you fire up when nothing has been proved yet ? You went on to conclude in your first mail. You even brought another name on mere charges. What would we term that ‘rationalism’ and ‘reasons’ ?

3> Please refrain referring HH Sankaracharya as ‘this guy’ , ‘that guy’. I found it not respectable. You can ask who cares , I don’t respect him. True, no body cares but I request you to be sensitive to understand and respect people’s feeling even if you don;t agree with them.


Chinmaya appeals to the right brigade:

Dear Bhaina,
Why do you need to leave the forum ? You understand, practice, and follow some greater kinds of truths, how this sadistic antireligious absurd post can hurt you ? It may not be wise to be hurted with other immoral, ruthless behaviour. And, whats the need to take the discussion on a personnal fronts.You wrote, your emotion, and learning are damaging in the forum.I have never thought you that vulnerable to some antireligious discussion.It should not be.Observe carefully, that was not against any particualr religion. To a link to news, what was the need of Analendu babu to react so vehemently. Others too have sentiments, self-respect and feelings ?

Sorry to learn M Bhai, you and others are quitting the forum.Pardon our ignorance, please stay back with us.

If you are signing off from the forum, let me do that before you do.I swear, I will never post anything even remotely pertinent to religion.
I am extremely sorry to initiate such threads.
Please, do not do such mistake.
Regards !
Chinmaya …

Dear Bhaina,

I only meant, it hurts people if we put things so bluntly in a discussion. People who are over possesive of their faiths, believes may not take that in right spirit.

I never mean anything, you have inferred. Please. You were nowhere in the thread too.
Chinmaya ..

and then:

Its really disheartening to see, people leaving the forums being annoyed with certain kinds of posts.Can not we selectively ignore them if its not of our own taste ?
We may have to encounter hundreds of bumptious, arrogant, ignorant, and nonsense persons like Chinmaya, (don’t know, if I am only one of this kind ;=)) Does it mean we to resign ourselves from life ? Looks funny, and shocking too.
Religion is dead, if it kills the interpersonnel relations,and understandings.Can a person speaking of highest truth ever become senti,that to in a discussion forum ?
Regards !
Chinmaya …

funny one coming up (from the inimitable Vulcan):

Breaking news… {This message is really a breaking & shocking news, perfectly matched the subject line…Come forward to eliminate religion.. (Some religions seem already eliminated (as per the mail)…. No wonder…. I’m sure more will follow… What Analendu babu says about the twice posting of this message …from Markendeswar babu? An unbiased answer will be helpful or excluded for being a theist?
Anyway I’m really sorry to see you go Markendeswar Babu from myodisa…. even you did not forget to handed over your last medal “EVIL” to these branded youths…. There is a dhaga…. “Aaa Bel Mujhe Bind”& When it really Bind, saying it is painful…can’t take it any more.

Anyway I always do respect you as an individual & your views, hope you will do the same for others & their views too. Now I’m thinking why a poll was being conducted to dissolve Myodisa/OdiaSamaj.

(My advanced apology to those who consider this mail as ruthless/absurd/hurting, I kept my emotions/sentiments in JAMU GACHA KOROD re, after few days I joined this group).


What are your thoughts?

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