Hindu Seer XII

Chinmaya gives it back to the AA:

Dear AA Babu,
Cool down. World is beautiful, and so your posts and everythings.

Have I asked you anything ? What was the need of answering so rudely to a news ?

Name it an ugly trick, whatever you please.You are entitled to judge people,and their acts in your own way.Who cares ? Hope, M bhai, Mark Bhaina, An bhaina would have understood the value of *excuse* in the proper context.

Do not know, if you do not prefer to use harsh words to others .A mail with caps and the conents in it might be mere deception to all of us.For reference, read your this mail one once more.

I asked you do not take things to heart, its because a news head line made you unnecessarily so reactive and irritated. If that was a trickery,take the burden of the discussion to your home,die with anguish and heartattack.I do not bother.

There was a smiley after that statement. Now, I am sure you lack the etiquette of conversation, or severely suffering with some kind of complex.Anyway, thats your problem.But,please, do not inflict others with that.

Enough; crap minded fellow, idiocy,burdens on society,and …, what not ? Hello, who are you to fix limits for others, what one can do, or not ? Enlighten fellow, Why do not you sprinkle your knowldege over the poor people ?

Whenever we claimed ourselves atheists,pseduo whatever ?

Beg excuses, its an ugly tricekry.Huh. AA Babu, what more I should write ?

For rest of the things, barkings and others..you do not deserve a reply.

No sorry, No excuse this time.I do not think you deserve
it too.
Be happy.


What are your thoughts?

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