Apologist for collective indifference
Bereft of long term amnesic stance
Capitulated dissidence

Decades of glaring carcasses
Emphasize countless tragedies
Frantically reassess the losses

Grim prospects for peaceniks
Hectored loftily by regimes
Invidious despair from mavericks

Joyous wait for impending peace
Kingdom of utopian bliss
Ludicrous beliefs never cease

Misread pages of war histories
Normalize causes of thy miseries
Oppressive narrations of human follies

Peace comes not by bombing lands
Quest for justice needs friendly hands
Revolutionaries above mere firebrands

Solidarity in these times of wars
Towards lasting peace and raising bars
Unionize to defeat the militarist czars

Victory to boundless internationalists
Workers of the world who unite to fight
Xenophobes, reactionary nationalists

Yardsticks of progress are years of peace
Zenith of harmony shall be rare to miss

-Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet, 2008


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