I Will Wait

For the time of victory

Of the good over the evil


Good being the invisible

Downtrodden, oppressed

Outcasts, racial minorities

The Dalits, the tortured 

Women and children

The students with loans

The teachers without jobs

The atheists everywhere 


Good being the physically 

Emotionally, financially

Challenged, the slow learners

The unemployed poets, 

The crazy philosophers,

The ones who never were 

Featured on television nor

Paid respect anywhere 


Good being the one who never

Was called an intellectual

Or a scientist, a statesman

Nor a grand prize winner

Coveted with glory or fame

Featured on magazines

And never knew negotiating 

Executing, decision-making


I will wait 


For the time of victory

Of the hitherto vanquished


I will wait 


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


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