2014: Let Ourselves Prevail

“Where the mind is without fear” and whistleblowers roam free

Prisons abolished; die with them, values all reactionary

Where the world exults in differences, amidst sheer diversity

Supremacism ends; cease with it, any collective adversity

Where ideas spring from challenged truths, broken promises

Perfection wound up; sought after no more are divine images

Where faith is exposed as a hopeless quest, of oppressed states

Reason, power and strength too seen as elite privileged quests     

Where rape no longer a metaphor, nor millionaires act commoners

Celebrities awaken the conscience, not profiteers, accumulators 

Where the admired do not endorse wars, nor dwell in charities 

Corporate czars get caught faking empathies, moralist vanities

Where the homeless are not recruited to clean nuclear mess

Working class emphatically organize, not rescued under duress

Where marginalized empowered, seeking no solace in a pope

Into such a year of radical possibilities, immense in its scope

To undo, to unlearn, to find right here – both heaven and the hell

To end holy patriarchies and capitalism, let ourselves prevail.


Saswat Pattanayak, peoples’ poet.


(the above verse is inspired by Tagore’s poem in Gitanjali).


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