Multiversity Project is on

Little more than two dozen people from eight universities are deliberating issues that affect the progress of the intergroup dialogue program. They have been further divided into three committees, and I am part of the Curriculum development committee.

The day had its ups and downs. Few members wondered what we do with the multiracial, since category-wise the dialogues traditionally focused on the binaries. Evidently there are many (a couple members gave examples of Asian Americans) who do not identify with the people of color. In fact in a series of communication between a student and I last year, the question had been raised. Although the issue was far from being agreed upon, it surely followed more feedbacks.

Of course, against the backdrop of research purity, rational judgments do not necessarily hold forte. Moreover, there is this obligation to act according to the funds which has consequently always been the means and ends of the studies.

On the brighter sides, great dinner at Prof Pat Gurin’s place. She is a wonderful human being, and that’s needless to state. I am enjoying company of all the researchers/professors at Ann Arbor participating at the conference, full of spirits and unbound, unbridled hopes for a brighter future.

More power to the dreams.


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