My Father’s letter on June 13

Because the birthday wishes can never be expressed in entirity, people have invented a short-cut,”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”.
But to me it is too short to say. Should I repeat this a million and more times to quench my thirst to say what I want to say?
Very difficult to stay away from one who is one’s life. But I am living away from you, and still living! How it is possible?
Am I away from you? I put the question to myself thousand times every moment and someone from within emphatically says a ‘No’. Then I know, we are not living away from each other.
You are in a mission. You were born with a mission. You will have to enrich our world with newer knowledge, newer understanding and to contribute your might to make a better world to live in. This is a ‘Tapasya’. I am happy that I am witnessing this Tapasya.
Be successful in all the steps you take, this is my blessing on this happy day.
convey my love to maa.
lovingly yours


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