Nepal Burning!

So who do the largest democracies of the world recognize? The power of the monarch, or the power of the people?
Who do the India, USA, EU listen to? The Nepali royal’s roars, or the Nepali subjects’ pleas?
Whose ways and manners the so-called civilized approve of? The gun-trotting police hounds; the abusers of basic human rights; the murderers of hapless civilians; the killers of women, children, the unemployed youth; the police dogs of a royal murderer-aggressor; the oppressors of teeming unheard millions?
the marginalized voices long silenced; the women who refuse to anymore tolerate; the children with the non-violent weapon of protest; the organized unemployed; the unduly browbeaten; the peoples who remind the rest of the world that if not for ‘advanced’ world’s stoic privileged indifference, they would be also be enjoying lives of dignity.

More power to the Nepalese peoples for freedom, liberty, and ‘real’ democracy—-none of which is ever bestowed, nor negotiated, nor offered as a compromise.
The white American freedom was not ‘granted’ through negotiations with the Kings of England, the elite French liberty was not attained via cowardly compromise either, the bourgeois Indian democracy was not gifted by well-meaning British—each of them were snatched, and millions sacrificed their lives in protest against the oppressors.

‘Tis time, the preachers of today realized the only options they have left the Nepalese (and so many indigenous peoples in India too) are sense of frustration, alienation and revolution.

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  1. Saswat, finally… thou have spoken on Nepal finally! Having been following your blog, especially your writings on political issues for a while, I always wondered if you would ever care to write about your neighbouring country. Although short, you have finally jotted something and kudos to you for that…and hey, pictures tell a thousands words…no wonder they have done just that! Cheers!

  2. Saswat Pattanayak

    Mahesh, thanks for the thoughtful reflection.
    Nepal deserves the attention that we have, especially people from India, collectively failed to provide.
    First in terms of geographical hegemony(–I clearly remember how Madhuri Dixit was perceiving Nepal as an integral part of India.)
    Second, the Hindu-ness of Nepal is often construed as an Indian phenomenon. Hence the resentment to dethrone a Hindu king…I wonder if it was a Muslim ruler, what would be India’s reaction by now…!
    Of course I will run quite a few more comments on this country of brave peoples. In the past, I had carried a small post about Nepal, if i rememeber…
    Its here:


  3. Saswat, sorry for being a bit rash in my earlier comment. I guess, I hadn’t discovered your blog when you wrote that post nearly a year ago!

    I also think it might be that “hindu factor” which is keeping most of the mainstream Indian media aloof in their coverage of anti-monarchy demonstrations of the past two weeks or so. May be this is where the non-mainstream media, like this blog, should come in to fill the void.

    Anyway, thanks for responding promptly and hope to see more of your commentary on issues relating Nepal (and of course Nepal-India relations!).

  4. I wonder if our Big Brother wants to be on the people’s side now…just saw this:
    ‘It’s up to the people of Nepal to decide their future political arrangement’ – Shyam Sharan, Foreign Secretary, India

  5. That was an excellent post!

    Everyday I read the papers and wonder if I will witness living history – will the Nepalese dream of democracy finally come true?

    It’s sad that my own country is hypocritical and does not fully extend support to this movement, but I hope things don’t stop until true democracy finally arrives in Nepal.

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