Nepal: Ode to Revolution!

As Nepal is declared normal, I find something is clearly missing…and I thought….

People of Nepal have finally “gained victory”
Although why the Crown relented appears a mystery
After weeks of active resistance; in face of military excesses
Took 14 deaths for the King to grant freedom to his subjects

Just when I thought, a specter was almost haunting Nepal
A specter of hope, and struggle to erase writings off the wall
The Monarchy has now heeded to its Big Brothers in crime
And the world media are already replacing remnants of grime

For the comrades: before the battle is won, the war has been lost!
Powers have hijacked the purpose of resistance at every single cost!
For I believe, freedom is ours to possess; not for the Royals to offer
Even as they recreate their myths, and even as we continue to suffer…!



  1. couldn’t agree with you more here! it seems we’ll only get freedom in “installments”.

  2. Thanks for the note.
    That’s aptly phrased..”installments”…and hence the irony..!
    Because quite often, “installment freedom” normalizes illusions, whereas an “absent freedom” sets stage for resistance.
    Frederick Douglas said once, “not all movement is progress.”
    The royals need to hand over their usurped palaces to peoples for public use where peoples’ constitutions can be drafted…not only in Nepal, but even in Sweden…
    till then, actual human progress remains miles away..thankfully, ahead of us..

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