New India

Yes, the new India is on the rise, 

Superpower in growth and size

Will exceed China, in double digits

Software giant, sweatshops sans limits


Poverty is the biggest crime

Prime Minister’s favorite rhyme

Its the Naxals that must die

For the governments must lie


To protect their seats of power

Must rule over a people in despair

By feeding myths of developments

Need to purge peoples’ movements


Yes, the new India is on the rise

Racism against Dalits the Repubilc denies

Merits, not reservations, shall offer success

Networking is fair and so is nepotism excess


Ayodhya verdict finally seals it all

Trust Lord Ram, holy cows or you fall

The more forward we claim we progress

More we hold unto conservative garbage


Yes, the new India is on the rise

Never before have the rich felt so wise

In their decisions to further impoverish

Workers worship the bosses or simply perish!


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


What are your thoughts?

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