Of religious discourses

In the group, a brother advocates something like the following:

I am against the notion that those
> who know should keep teaching despite being challenged and
> ridiculed. Chinmaya or Saswat may feel hurt; but all questions
> raised by them symbolise a level of arrogance and challenge. This is
> not a right frame of mind to learn – as far as I have practised and
> understood. My opinion on Chinmaya or Saswat is my personal, and I
> am not bound to give any explanation. You are free to call me a
> hypocrite or any term that you think suits me. SB may also
> call me an “OSAite” (he recently termed A’s views typical OSA-
> type). I dont mind.

Ashrujit, my friend replies:
If Saswat and Chinmaya’s views are considered arrogant and a mindset
without the desire to learn, then may be we can brand “believers”
views are religious fanatics.

Why do we always find the people on the other side bad? I think
Chinmaya, Saswat and all others who are asking the questions are
simply because “they want to learn”. If they had an air of arrogance
or were not willing to learn anything they would be only ridiculed
here and there and stayed away from any serious discussion, arguments.


What are your thoughts?

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