What will I give thee, you are the gift to me

How much to adore thee, you mean the love for me

When each moment spent are the times cherished

To wish you well, which day be chosen by me?


The night’s a façade, the day conceals

And my gladness, the stars too miss

My feelings how can they know

Those greetings on sale and marketed gifts


Who I pray and worship for you?

Where do I seek your well being?

What do I add to bedeck your day

When what I have is you as blessing?


No poem can ever suffice to note

Or a painter’s brush can ever coat

The shine of my eye, the pride in my heart

Words too feeble, and colors delicate


Have loved you to know you

And known to have loved you

If life has some things to crave for

Its to live my life beside you


Never in want will you be, for you are the spring

Of all happiness unbound that human life can bring

Your commitments for people in need will soon be fulfilled

Keep up the fine work, the wary World will surely yield.


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


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