Or religious discourse II

Another right brother pitches in:

One must trust the “fundamental information” that one is served,
and acquire some knowledge thereupon before raising any question.
For example, if a child revolts against why the alphabet “A” is
written the way it is and why not otherwise, and sticks to not
believing the current form of “A”, that child can never learn the
language as long as he keeps his revolt alive! Thus, the primary
thing is a “faith”. As far as religion or spirituality are
concerned, Chinmaya or Saswat do not have that faith – at least that
is my reading of them! I know they must have trusted the initial
concepts in physics and chemistry before raising any question in
their minds. Only that they follow a different option while talking
religion and spirituality.

Our friend Chinmaya replies:
I must apologize before going to write a further word.I am shocked. I have never bothered of your profession, and how do you deal with your students.I have never focussed anything regarding indian/USA education system,secrets codes in the cut throats comptt to publish papers, and the expected interaction between faculties and students in either of the countries.Thats all out of context here.I know,I can not reach to your level of understanding, in terms of studying physical, metaphysical phenomena.Excuse me,and my opinions as the outbrusts of an insane towards religion. Playing with words is not my cup of tea either, and where the winning of word war will lead me to ? .Neither me, Saswat, subhendu bhai was attacking the view points baselessly, rather they were sharing it in their own way owing to their own understandings of matters.

I sincerely feel, your post is never devoided of ratioanlity and a proper sequence ,and you have never digressed of the main topic. All I opined, whoever is speaking of religion must be very concise and focussed with out aggrandsizement of the facts and figures, and fooling around the people. And, you mean the same anyway.The only difference is your acceptance of everything on religious matter thinking it might be conatining some worth, whereas I feel things, unless confirmed/properly understood must not be reproduced.That creates lots of misunderstanding/chaos, and another fraction of people take undue adavantage of it.


What are your thoughts?

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