A Warning From An “Eyes On The Prize” Creator

Got this from Dr TSB of the media blog Drums in the Global Village.

Hey, Folks –

Yup, the first 6 hours of EYES ON THE PRIZE will, finally, be re-broadcast nationally on PBS’ “The American Experience” on the first three Mondays in October (Oct. 2, 9, 16) at 9:00 pm (check local listings). They’ll air 2 hours each Monday.

Hour 1 – “Awakenings” (1954-1965) — Emmett Till and Montgomery Bus Boycott

Hour 2 – “Fighting Back” (1957-62) — School Desegregation, including Little Rock and ‘Ol Miss.

Hour 3 – “Ain’t Scared of Your Jails” (1960-61) — Sit-ins and Freedom Rides

Hour 4 – “No Easy Walk” (1961-63) — Albany, Ga; March on Wash.; Birmingham

Hour 5 – “Mississippi: Is This America? (1962-64) — Medgar Evers and Miss. Freed. Summer

Hour 6 – “Bridge to Freedom” ( 1965) – Selma March

**Important – PBS is waiting to see the audience response to the first series before it commits to air the 2nd EYES series(8 hours). Though the first series is really inspirational, it is the 2nd series that is most relevant to the issues we’re dealing with today: the war; growing gap between rich and poor, etc. (It’s in the 2nd series that you see footage of the Dr. King speech in which he calls for “a radical redistribution of economic power.”) It’s also in the 2nd series that you get the murder of Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in Chicago, the establishment of COINTELPRO, and the Attica Rebellion.

So, it would be great if folks would call their PBS station and let them know you: a) appreciate seeing the first series again and b) hope they’ll also air the second series.

Both the first AND second series will be available on VHS and DVD through PBS Video — but ONLY as institutional sales — no home video.

– judy
(Judy Richardson)


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