Majority believes Prez talked about bombing

Do you believe President Bush talked about bombing the HQ of Arabic-language TV network al-Jazeera?
CNN asks this question in its Quickvote online survey.
Total of 127645 online readers vote. Overwhelming majority of 70% of all voters (88372 votes) say yes they believe that President Bush talked about bombing the al-Jazeera network.

Wanted to find out what did Fox readers have to say. Unfortunately, Fox is asking questions to its readers if they would buy a product if a celebrity endorses it (some journalists will never change..they will always remain public relations professionals!)

The surveys are some of the most unscientific tools ever devised. But how scientific are the claims of White House that the bomb story is ‘outlandish’? At least such a huge majority of centrist people don’t think much of White House assertions. Add to that the working class population of America who don’t come online because they can’t afford to (who darn well have an opinion nevertheless), and you got the country’s verdict on this matter. At times, one has to use the master’s tools to break the master’s house. I mean, use mainstream media to understand popular conscience!


What are your thoughts?

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