Select Publications

Politics – 

Donald Trump And The Ritual Of Shock And Awe In American Duopoly (Kindle Magazine)

The Politics We Deserve (Kindle Magazine)

Why Politics is not a Dirty Word (Kindle Magazine)

Political Economy of American Colacracy (Radical Notes)

Wall Street Spring: Americans Demand Democracy (Mainstream Weekly)

Noam Chomsky Speaks to Saswat Pattanayak (Kindle Magazine/

Why is Hurricane Sandy a political issue? (Kindle Magazine)

Revolutionary May Day Greetings! (Radical Notes)

Sovereignty, Unity and The State Of Denial (Kindle Magazine)

Philosophy – 

Vagina: Separation, Dialogue, Silence, Violence (Kindle Magazine)

Fashion Dialectics (Kindle Magazine)

Matter & Consciousness: Revisiting Lokayata (Red Monthly)

i-Solation (Kindle Magazine)

The Market (Kindle Magazine)

Marxism: The Last Philosophy (Kindle Magazine)

Peoples’ Histories – 

Orissa: Throttled Dissent, Overstepped Laws, Displaced People (Radical Notes)

People’s Movements in Orissa Face Political Repression (Counter Currents)

India vs Indians: Peoples’ History of Orissa’s Dispossessed (Radical Notes)

India vs Indians: Revolution never ends in Orissa (Radical Notes)

India vs Indians: Orissa’s Freedom Struggle (Radical Notes)

POSCO in Orissa – A Case of Global Masters against Local Preys (Radical Notes)

International Relations – 

India, Pakistan :: The Way Forward (Saswat Blog)

Burma: A Country in Exile (Kindle Magazine)

Pakistan: Dissent is Alive (Kindle Magazine)

The Russian Question (Kindle Magazine)

Sexy… Gangnam Style (Kindle Magazine)

A World Without America (Kindle Magazine)

Nobel Intentions (Kindle Magazine)

Imagining a World with U.S.S.R (Kindle Magazine)

Free Market War on Gaddafi: Unjust, but Natural (Saswat Blog)

Arab World Witnessing Anarchy, Not Revolutions (Saswat Blog)


A Closer Look at the “Enemy of the People” (IMixWhatILike)

Revolution 2.0 (Kindle Magazine)

The Counsel for the Defense (Kindle Magazine)

The New Face of Truth: Julian Assange and the WikiLeaked World (Kindle Magazine)

Calico: The Cat that May Never Come out of the Bag (Kindle Magazine)

Lesson from Snowden: Myth of the Free Press (Saswat Blog)

Of Occupy Wall Street :: Democracy, Free Press, Police State & the American Liberty Myths (Saswat Blog)

Feminism –

International Women’s Day :: A Short History (Women’s Rights NY)

Of Sexist Russell Brand & Why the Revolution was Not Televised (Red Monthly)

Our Rape, Their Rape (Kindle Magazine)

Rape Culture, Capitalism and India (Kindle Magazine)

Rape Culture and Capitalism: What is living and what is dead (Radical Notes)

International Women’s Day: Anti-War, Anti-Capitalist Movement to Emancipate All Workers! (Women’s Rights NY)

Post-Miley Feminism (Kindle Magazine)

Obama is winning his War on Women Candidates (Saswat Blog)

SlutWalk and Need for Intersectionality (Saswat Blog)

Radical Roots of International Women’s Day! (Saswat Blog)

Biographies –

Lucy Parsons :: Revolutionary Feminist (Women’s Rights NY)

Gandhi: A Stretcher-Bearer Without Borders (Kindle Magazine)

Remembering Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010) (Radical Notes)

Einstein’s Promised Land (Kindle Magazine)

Woody Guthrie: I Was In The Revolution… (Kindle Magazine)

Reviews – 

A Review of “The Darker Nations” (Radical Notes)

Of Mixtape, Emancipatory Journalism & Black Power (Kindle Magazine)

Capitalism: A Democrat’s Love Story (Vox Union)

Disarmament –

War & Peace (Kindle Magazine)

Pakistan, India & the Peace Process: The Way Forward (Kindle Magazine)

Militarist Obama and Corporate Nobel: Peaceful Partnership  (Black Agenda Report)

New American Magic Realism (Saswat Blog)

An Open Letter to President Obama: Against the Rhetoric of Hope (Radical Notes)

Social Justice – 

Brahminism, Patriarchy, Supreme Court And The Justice (Counter Currents)

Rohith Vemula: Indian Left And the Dalit Student Suicides (Counter Currents)

Jai Bhim in the times of Jai Ho and Jai Shri Ram (Kindle Magazine)

Occupy Wall Street: Challenges, Privileges and Futures (Radical Notes)

Beyond the Judiciary – Reservation as Reparation (Radical Notes)

“Yes, Marcos is Gay” (Kindle Magazine)

Food Politics (Kindle Magazine)

Beefolution (Counter Currents)

Misplaced Tears of a Militarist President, the Reactionary Pursuits of Gun Control, and Unquestioned Faith in Patriarchy Normative (Saswat Blog)

India –

Roots (and prospects) of Justice (Kindle Magazine)

The Left Too Fall Into The Nationalist Trap (Counter Currents)

Hindu Terrorism: Killing in the name of… (Kindle Magazine)

Prelude to Mumbai Blasts – Hindu Terrorism (Radical Notes)

Satyam – a symptom, not the problem (Radical Notes)

Aam Aadmi Party and Politics of the Impossible (Kindle Magazine)

Hindu Terrorism :: Scriptures & Roots (Saswat Blog)