2012: Reclaiming Roots

Wall Street Occupied without an organized movement

Egypt under siege, their democracy’s a farcical moment

Libya annihilated; no longer the anti-imperialistic force

Syria and Iran next; Arab Nationalism reduced to remorse


Regressive rebels talk about the promised freedom “Springs”

Vaclav Havel a hero, Kim Jong-Il evil, facts are broken wings

NATO the proprietor, Islam the enemy, Cold War not yet a ghost

Praise the God, drop the bomb, sanction when it hurts the most


Year after year, day after day, corporate media headlines the same

Celebrities make out, breakup, detox; royal families wedding game

Nobel Prizes to warmongers, Oscar Awards to King’s Speeches

“The Iron Lady” celebrates Neocons, no superstructure glitches    


A year of tragedies befell the world over the past twelve months

Farcical freedom bells, DSK and Murdoch trials, grand justice loss 

Eurocentric lens, American trades, Israeli fighter planes, still victorious

Bankers, philanthropists, presidents, billionaires continue as glorious 


Harlem’s burning, Paris in flames, London defeats alleged rioters

Class wars lost, Zapatista censored, Maoists shot in street corners

Are we to implore for equalities, or we must educate and agitate?

Will they still co-opt, shall we cop out, and ‘truths’ again fabricate? 


What promises lie ahead; even as we failed at prospects before?

Can we chart out grand visions again, for our revolutions in future?

Last year was mess, years ago were no less, now we owe to ourselves

If this New Year prevails, we reclaim revolutionary roots, and resurface!


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


What are your thoughts?

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