2011: Struggles in Vain?

Will Two Thousand Eleven be more of the same

Year of wars, prisons, profit motives by other names

Shall we have renounced our faith systems and gods

Would religious perversions and charities finally end


Can we look ahead to forge progressive alliances

Bring together historically oppressed, dispossessed  

Detached from ruling class fixations, their fancy histories

Imagine new ways to expropriate established monopolies? 


Are new formulations going to ensure global solidarities

Or farcical elections to continue national sovereignties

Assange will get justice from imperialist coalitions

Or be declared a terror despite political polarities


In the name of justice how many Mississippi Sisters

How many Mumias, Cuban Five, political prisoners 

When will have Guantanamo served its purpose

Will the new year liberate conscience of its shackles


Shall Two Thousand Eleven be more of the same

Love-hate with China, Obama, and WikiLeaks fame

Denials of sexism, casteism, stronger class societies

Gender disparities, discriminations, patriarchy shame


Pakistani flood victimizes still, Haiti a garbage dump

How long more we abuse nature, and racism with aplomb

When India’s majority rises up, against McMohan Singh

Will next year stop branding the poor, as a Maoist bomb


Truth and objectivity shall remain media mythification 

Or get exposed as massively seductive distortion

With multitudes of skepticisms, principles compromised

Shall we finally restore firm belief in radical revolution?  


No easy answers in two thousand and eleven

Yet another year of hope, few more pledges given 

Unless equipped with knowledge of social justice tools  

No triumphs for the oppressed, and all struggles in vain


– Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet



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