yet the task is only half-done
pricey is freedom of expression.
until the working class women,
who still are waiting to be heard,
let alone seen, in this
fermenting revolution;
when they get to win
the means of communication,
them that are not on twitters
weary, exhausted workers,
marching, one may day, at a time
to end all exploitations;
#themtoo will be seen
rise in solidarity
and march in unison;


An Ode to the Unfinished

like the unfinished manuscripts unsung songs leaderless movements incomplete news abridged classics discarded mixtapes dimmed lights celebrity kids burnt-out prodigies demonetized masses abandoned refugees rsvp’ed maybe postponed suicides depressed doctors temp on sick leave upper east side homeless professor with student loans yet another president palestinian dreams pretend plays criterion collections hawaiian sovereignty discovering god forgiving abortions cultural purities national boundaries racial features gendered restrooms leaked emails exiled pirates 50c raise in hourly wage a year of promises half empty or, half full a broken calendar that rarely matters anymore… or shall it – this coming year? – by Saswat…

Divided We Fall

Last year alone, an earthquake – among many – left 9,000 dead in Nepal. Stampede among the devotees caused death of 2,200 people in Mecca. Over 3.1 million children – under five – died of malnutrition everywhere in the world. They were not victims of terrorism or organized murders. They did not perpetuate any evil to justify a divine plan that took their lives. And yet, not one God or multiple versions of Gods could do anything to save them. That is because there is no God. There is no reason for a belief in God, or adherence to any…

2015: Of Incidental Revolutions

What about the promises this new year shall bring Ballads of scrutiny, merciless calendar sings Memories slurping away, with bitter windtongues Cruel time ticking away, sans any arbitrary stops Moments of endless reflections, for the years past us Stunning silence of missing airplanes, roaring blunders What if this, what if that, had we tried our best Could we have ended this bloody war, that electoral race A patriotic bunch in India murdering Gandhi again Revitalized danger, right wing fascist men Third World Project a dying form of irrelevance Playground for capitalists, turf for deathly dance Irreparable losses of beloved poets…

2014: Let Ourselves Prevail

“Where the mind is without fear” and whistleblowers roam free Prisons abolished; die with them, values all reactionary Where the world exults in differences, amidst sheer diversity Supremacism ends; cease with it, any collective adversity Where ideas spring from challenged truths, broken promises Perfection wound up; sought after no more are divine images Where faith is exposed as a hopeless quest, of oppressed states Reason, power and strength too seen as elite privileged quests      Where rape no longer a metaphor, nor millionaires act commoners Celebrities awaken the conscience, not profiteers, accumulators  Where the admired do not endorse wars,…

2013: Global Spring?

Another year past, and the die has been cast  Future will be better, so predicts the soothsayer Changes visible at last, with progresses steadfast Status quo flayed forever, ruling elites now shudder   What can be worse, than the last year so coarse Drabbled in colonial blood, Diamond Jubilee fraud Millionaire monarchs, offering austerity measures Middleton’s pregnancy nod, nurse upsets the god   Africa continues to exist, exploited, needy, subsists Capitalist handouts ravage, suppress evolving rage Gaza attacked by imperialists, Israeli apartheid wins First world too has problems, Kim Kardashian craze   Yet Sandy storms still, Sandy Hook gun cultures…

2012: Reclaiming Roots

Wall Street Occupied without an organized movement Egypt under siege, their democracy’s a farcical moment Libya annihilated; no longer the anti-imperialistic force Syria and Iran next; Arab Nationalism reduced to remorse   Regressive rebels talk about the promised freedom “Springs” Vaclav Havel a hero, Kim Jong-Il evil, facts are broken wings NATO the proprietor, Islam the enemy, Cold War not yet a ghost Praise the God, drop the bomb, sanction when it hurts the most   Year after year, day after day, corporate media headlines the same Celebrities make out, breakup, detox; royal families wedding game Nobel Prizes to warmongers,…

2011: Struggles in Vain?

Will Two Thousand Eleven be more of the same Year of wars, prisons, profit motives by other names Shall we have renounced our faith systems and gods Would religious perversions and charities finally end   Can we look ahead to forge progressive alliances Bring together historically oppressed, dispossessed   Detached from ruling class fixations, their fancy histories Imagine new ways to expropriate established monopolies?    Are new formulations going to ensure global solidarities Or farcical elections to continue national sovereignties Assange will get justice from imperialist coalitions Or be declared a terror despite political polarities   In the name of…

2010: Enough Already!

No change in sight for women’s rights No expropriation of privileged mights Militarists prescribe global peace lies Working class interests fail to unionize   Organic farming for corporate profits Healthcare granted for the insured elites Homeless poor in the glitzy American nights Hundred twenty-two die in daily medical plights   Twenty-five hundred families each day bankrupt Subjects of Superpower profoundly distraught Feed into Afghan, Iran, and warmongering distractions Collectively throttle international socialist aspirations   The Wars are going to end, say the War Presidents Monopolist bankers at G-20 make economic precedents Plutocratic nobility yield from ethical charity claims Priests abuse…

What Have We Planned For 2009?

Have we planned enough for the year ahead? The terrorizing wars, conflicts, military bloodshed Zionist lobbies, hawkish Hindus, Islamic fanatics Have we planned enough to defeat Christian clerics? Have we planned at all for the impending poverty? Or a few billionaires controlling all earthly property Forty million refugees, can’t call a region their own Have we planned at all for the homeless population? Have we planned well to tackle global illiteracy? For more than a billion, education still a fantasy Eighty percent of world survives for ten dollars a day Have we planned well to end the class society next…