Roots (and prospects) of Justice

Maulana Mohani was concerned that in our anticommunist quest, we were ignoring an emancipatory USSR Constitution, while heavily borrowing from colonial legacies of oppressive Constitutions of the imperialist world, and that, by doing so, we were facilitating prospects for dangerous communal violence in the coming years


Unrequited: Binayak Sen

By Saswat Pattanayak If poverty is the biggest crime against humanity, the Indian democracy must rightly be accused of perpetuating it. Suffering from the most vicious cycles of attack against the defenseless inside their sovereign lands, the long-standing victims of indifference – the indigenous and the poor – who have been deprived of basic healthcare, are the invisible targets of state-sponsored terrorism. As a result of which, conscientiously progressive professionals such as Dr. Binayak Sen have stirred up proactive as well as revolutionary movements to oppose official assaults on the deprived sections of the population. Binayak Sen Saswat Pattanayak During…