Beijing Olympics: A Humanist Success despite Tibetan Terrorism and Western Imperialism

By Saswat Pattanayak The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics can easily be counted among the greatest of collective acts in human history. Despite years of reactionary movements led by religious and sectarian groups to sabotage the Games, the Chinese peoples stood firmly with each other in solidarity and thwarted every such attempt. For every step of success that the nation exhibited in celebrating togetherness of the representatives from all countries congregated with sporty spirits at one place, one time, and to quote the official slogan as ‘One World, One Dream’, there were scores of impediments along the way. Let’s visit…


Korean Submissions

Strange bedfellows at a crucial juncture. China and South Korea have agreed that the “Korean peninsula should be nuclear (weapons) free” and see it as the importance of the “dialogue process” to “push the situation on the Korean peninsula towards a positive direction”. Will North Korea follow suit? Wait and watch what the big brother United States (ruler, father, you name it…because the US is the male personification of the war zone. Pacifists are feminists of course..) does.