The need for Political Correctness

The censorship argument just as the artistic expressions themselves needs to be politically correct – the position must spring from the point of raised consciousness where the needs of the times – taking into consideration various locations of exploitations and associated struggles for social justice – are well understood and articulated.


Love Me, I’m a Liberal (Remixed)

(Based on Phil Och’s Satire)   Movements I start on Facebook Causes On Twitter, I maneuver the trends Arab Spring was my handiwork All Girls in the Blue Bra my friends  I ‘Like’ Occupy Wall Street Page My rage are my thirty daily updates Love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal   Hillary Rosen is my ideal worker  For denying any war on women  Hillary Clinton is a staunch feminist Forgiving Bill and chivalrous military men I am all for equal pay and women’s rights Just don’t wanna give this system a bad name    Love me, love…

Of our racist tolerance of the Kramers..

Click on the video above to watch Michael “Kramer” Richards speak on last Friday, as the audience enjoys a hearty laugh. In fact they were so enjoying that Richards was not stoned or kicked out. He went on to get exclusive interviews on television channels, entirely unharmed. No, the interviews were not conducted in some dingy prison cells, but atop celebrity couches for CNN consumption. The great mainstream media melting pot even aired him as he went on continuing with his racist unapologetic mode: “I’m not a racist. That’s what’s so insane about this.” What had he said at the…