Rama Devi: The Silent March

Rama Devi continued a lifetime of serving the humanity through picketing liquor stores and gambling joints, treating lepers and people with disabilities, physically rendering care in drought and flood affected regions all over India.


Freedom Tree!

Tireless in pursuit of democratic rights  Relentlessly challenging plutocratic might Braving atrocities, police state’s plights Awaiting the passage of this barbaric night   Freedom Tree! Free Press shall set us Free!   In actions and spirits, journalists united Radical is our zeal, refusing to be placated No longer shall we let scribes be oppressed Duties shall manifest, and our rights protected   Freedom Tree! Free Press shall set us Free!   Unjust regimes can imprison us; not our thoughts They can chain us down, charge us with treasons Truths we shall expose, fearless in our purpose With conscience intact, misdeeds…

Chavez and RCTV: Whose Media is the Question

At the crux of the divided opinion regarding Chavez’s decision to take control over a private TV channel is the ever-elusive concept of human ‘freedom’. Freedom, although is being defined purely from a consumerist-capitalist lens than from a socialist perspective. And hence what we see is demise of individual liberty, the status of savior in form of Youtube and an international condemnation of Venezuelan crisis. People across political spectrum are quick to draw conclusions. Most from the politically right are obviously thrilled at the prospect of noticing the deterioration of “democracy” in Venezuela. Even as they would not go their…